The fascination with Sacagawea continues to grow and a commemorative coin was released in 1999 with her image on it to celebrate the new millennium.

The US Mint called the new dollar coin "A Tribute to Native American Women and the American Spirit".

The coin is golden in color and has a distinctive edge. After the mint received designs from 23 invited artists, it narrowed the field to six obverse and seven reverse designs. In Addition to consulting with numerous Native American leaders and the numismatic community the mint selected the final design. Glenna Goodacrev designed the obverse, (Sacagawea), and Thomas D. Rogers Sr. designed the reverse, (eagle).

Sacagawea Commemorative Coin

"All Americans, especially young women, need an actual person - not a symbol -to serve as a positive role model. Sacagawea should be respected and honored for what she is, a true-life heroine. Shoshoni women have their own, unique inner strength and beauty, which should be celebrated".

Lydia Justice Edwards
Former, Idaho State Treasurer


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