From Salmon, Idaho to the Knife River Villages in N. Dakota

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Sacagawea was influenced by two cultures. Born in Salmon, Idaho the land of the Augadika Shoshoni (know as the Lemhi Shoshoni) nestled in a beautiful valley in the Rocky Mountains. At age 12 she was taken from her family by the Mandan/Hidatsa. They traveled to the wind swept grass lands of N. Dakota and the Knife River Indian Villages, home to the Hidatsa.

"You have a 12 year old girl who was raised in one culture and she is taken into another culture. A different language, different foods, different customs, different ways of behaving & acting. There was no orientation for her, no training, she was just moved into another culture".

    - Barbara Kubik, Historian

"You can imagine the tremendous loss, the tremendous sadness, the tremendous heartache".

    - Rose Ann Abrahamsom, Lemhi Shoshoni

"Right around 1800 Sakakawea arrived her in these villages along with another Shoshoni girl. She was given to a Hidatsa family who had lost a daughter about that same age. Back in those days it wasn't uncommon to bring children back when people went out on these hunting parties and excisions. They were a hunting party and they just went out to hunt buffalo like everyone else does in the Fall".

    - Amy Mossett, Mandan/Hidatsa

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