Sacagawea today

What value does Sacagawea have for the people today?

"The challenges she was willing to face will show young women of today that we are capable of facing hardships. We've come along way from that time period but in many ways we are faced with similar challenges. The men of the Lewis and Clark expedition spoke highly of Sacagawea characteristics. Her most important value to me as a woman, as a Native American teacher, is that she stayed true to her traditions".
Rose Ann Abrahamson, Lemhi Shoshoni

How can we make Sacagawea's story more relevant for young people today?

"She was a teenager and as a teenager she was so courageous. I think that the young people across this country need to know how young she was. I think they need to know that they have someone they can look up to because she stands for a lot of things that they don't believe in as they look at themselves as teenagers. Just let them know that they have a role model especially the young girls, they need to know that they can do great things to".
Amy Mossett, Hidatsa

What can we learn from Sacagwea's story that applies to today?

"Among the Mandan/Hidatsa people our women owned these lodges, our women owned the gardens and they owned the horses. So this young woman was defiantly a leader and she was well before her time. Sacagawea was pretty bird woman and I think she holds a very beautiful place in all our hearts. I hope that people realize that women are much stronger than men give them credit for and this young woman was defiantly more than a pioneer, she was a leader in so many ways, so yes I think our people are very proud to know her and to honor her".
Keith Bear, Hidatsa


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