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The Laura Moore Cunningham

Where the Road Ends

Idaho long ago emerged from the frontier; yet many of her roads can still be described as tortuous. And even when they appear to end, they may really only be beginning, taking us to places that still preserve that flavor of the frontier, and where – to paraphrase Robert Frost – the road less traveled can make all the difference.

The Outdoor Idaho crew explores some of Idaho's out-of-the-way places in this hour-long special. Our cameras discover a place called Paradise, high in the Selway wilderness. We visit Bay View, a small town perched on the shores of 1200 foot deep Lake Pend Oreille. We venture into Big Creek, a community so remote that an airplane is the best way in.

In remote Owyhee County, the 150 year-old Joyce Ranch houses several generations. In eastern Idaho the restored Mormon ghost town of Chesterfield beckons to believers. Near central Idaho’s Sawtooth batholith, the community of Atlanta stands as a symbol of freedom in all its forms; and stately Castle Peak, one of Idaho’s most famous mountains, requires much effort, since no roads are allowed in Wilderness.