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Idaho Public Television Special Explores the History of Human Rights in Idaho

Human rights activist Bill Wassmuth in the 1980s - Photo Courtesy Diana Gissel

The Color of Conscience is an hour-long Idaho Public Television documentary that looks at the development of the modern human rights movement in Idaho. It features the story of a small group of concerned citizens who fought against the Aryan Nations, ultimately bankrupting the neo-Nazi supremacist group in north Idaho. The program also examines some of the current human rights issues in Idaho, such as gay rights, immigrant rights, and hate crimes.

Major funding for this program was provided by: the Idaho National Laboratory, The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, the Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation and the Idaho Public Television Endowment.

Idaho wilderness

The People's Land
Aired October 2011

It was a trust forced on the West more than a hundred years ago, one that has defined us ever since: our public lands.

We now claim them as a birthright, as a way to experience Nature at its most elemental. But there is a price to be paid when more than 60% of your state is publicly owned.

How do we measure success on these millions of acres of public trust lands? And what's in store, now that America faces daunting budget issues and a changing demographic?

Amidst the tall peaks and the sagebrush plains of the intermountain West, Outdoor Idaho takes the pulse of the people's land.