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The Color of Conscience

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We can't cure hate by hating. We can't guarantee the rights of some by taking away the rights of others.
-Bill Wassmuth, human rights leader

You can't just say it. You've got to live it.You've got to live human rights.
-Marshall Mend, human rights leader

Bill Wassmuth in the 80s - Photo Courtesy Diana Gissel


The Color of Conscience is an hour-long Idaho Public Television documentary that looks at the development of the modern human rights movement in Idaho. It features the story of a small group of concerned citizens who fought against the Aryan Nations, ultimately bankrupting the neo-Nazi supremacist group in north Idaho. The program also examines some of the current human rights issues in Idaho, such as gay rights, immigrant rights, and hate crimes.

Major funding for this program was provided by: the Idaho National Laboratory, The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, the Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation and the Idaho Public Television Endowment.

Additional Funders