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Closing Arguments

Read and view excerpts from the four attorneys' summations to the jury.

Why the Trial Still Matters

Violence in pursuit of political aims, conflict between owners and workers, legal principles such as "innocent until proven guilty" — issues at the heart of the 1907 trial still populate today's headlines. Our three experts explain how.

Two Reporters' Perspectives

Reporters from very different newspapers — the mainstream New York Times and socialist The Montana News — provide distinct accounts of the Haywood trial.

Period News Headlines

  • newspaper headline
  • View newspaper headlines from the trial period.

Criminal Justice, Then and Now

  • harry orchard
  • Learn how Idaho and United States criminal law in 1907 differed from today's statutes.

The Many Faces of Harry Orchard

  • Harry Orchard mug shot
  • Harry Orchard out-lived all the other Haywood trial principals, and underwent a (some say) remarkable transformation from cold assassin to grandfatherly figure.

A Good Hanging Spoiled