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The Many Faces of Harry Orchard

  • Harry Orchard mug shot
  • Harry Orchard out-lived all the other Haywood trial principals, and underwent a (some say) remarkable transformation from cold assassin to grandfatherly figure.


  • Thumbnail of little Henrietta, from the sheet music cover [Credit: EmuZeum of Grandview, Idaho and the Idaho Song Collecting project]
  • Are They Going to Hang My Papa: Imagine yourself in a Wobblie union hall in the summer of 1907 during the trial of William "Big Bill" Haywood. More about the song.

       MP3 icon Are They Going to Hang My Papa (Click to play; right-click to download).

Dynamite Harry: One of the few songs (that we know of) written about Harry Orchard. Composed by Gary Eller and John Larsen and performed by the band Bona Fide. More about the song and the band.

   MP3 icon Dynamite Harry (Click to play; right-click to download).

Period News Headlines

  • newspaper headline
  • View newspaper headlines from the trial period.

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Steunenberg great-grandson John T. Richards Jr. has a blog where he posts "writings, mementos & pictures related to Idaho history from the late 1800's - early 1900's."


Links to web and educational resources on the Haywood trial, the mining wars, the labor movement, and the Pinkerton Agency.

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Teacher and student materials for staging a role-playing simulation that recreates the trial of William "Big Bill" Haywood.

The Trial of the Century: A Teachable Event

Ten teachable topics and bibliographic support materials from Byron Johnson, originally presented to the Idaho Council for History Education.