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What we give to the world often tells much about who we are. Idaho and Idahoans have given a lot to society. Contributions shows a few of the state's famous and not so famous offerings. It encourages students to think about what they can give the world.


After viewing Contributions, students win be able to:

  1. Identify several of Idaho's major contributions to the world.
  2. Recognize the importance of industry in the development of Idaho.
  3. Understand the value of innovative thinking.
  4. Realize they have something to contribute to the world.

Contributions begins with the host, Phyllis Edmundson, at the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. She describes the area and tells the students that this is only one of several "gifts" Idaho has given the world. This program looks at just a few of Idaho's major contributions.

A look at the history of the potato in Idaho includes J.R. Simplot's success at developing and marketing many different potato products.

The video shows Idaho's contributions to the world of animals, as it reviews the history of The World Center for Birds of Prey and the Appaloosa horse.

The video reviews some of Idaho's major industries and their contributions, including Morrison Knudsen, Micron Technology, Albertsons, and the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.

Idaho has made two important contributions to the world of transportation the Port of Lewiston and Varney Airlines. And finally, Contributions looks at two of Idaho's gifts to music - Music Week and the Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz Festival at the University of Idaho.

Phyllis closes the program and the series by encouraging students to contribute to history by contributing to Idaho and the world.


(Before Viewing)

  1. Have students define "contribution to the world."
  2. Have students list various industries or things that Idaho has contributed to the world. Challenge them to think of things that originated in Idaho, i.e., Simplot and frozen french fries, Albertsons, Sun Valley.

(During Viewing)

What can you do to help save the other creatures that live in Idaho?


Dehydrate - Removing the water, dry out
Engineering - The science of building or designing things
Jazz - An American form of music characterized by strong rhythm and accented notes
Nuclear Reactor - A device that produces electricity from atomic energy
Peregrine Falcon - A bird of prey with pointed wings and a long tail


(After Viewing)

  1. In what ways have Idahoans helped some animal species develop or survive?
  2. What are some of the major Idaho industries that are world leaders in their fields?
  3. How does the Port of Lewiston contribute to the world?
  4. How did the contributions mentioned on the video have an impact on history?
  1. Identify contributions not presented on the video. Have students research those contributions and present an oral or written report to the class.
  2. Have students list three contributions they would like to make to the world and have them explain how they might accomplish them.
  3. Write letters to executives of various industries throughout Idaho asking for specific information about their contributions to the world.
    1. Have the students ask questions like, "What countries do the companies export to?" 'What percentage of their product is used outside of the state?""... of the country?" Don't overlook smaller industries or individuals in your area as possible resources.

Idaho's Contributions to the World
Research to find more information about each of the following companies, places and institutions.