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September 5, 2012
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5:00 am 
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood  "Daniel's Babysitter/Daniel Goes to School"  Daniel's Babysitter - Prince Tuesday comes to babysit Daniel Tiger while Mom Tiger and Dad Tiger go out dancing. As Daniel gets ready for bed, he misses his Mom and Dad, but Prince Tuesday reminds him that they will be back soon. And when Tigey goes missing right before bedtime, Daniel learns what a grr-ific babysitter Prince Tuesday is. D

5:30 am 
Martha Speaks  "There Goes The Neighborhood/I Scream"  There Goes the Neighborhood - Martha can't believe that Helen and Alice are making such a fuss about a kitten. Ice Scream - Alice is shocked to discover that Truman has never actually tried ice cream.G

6:00 am 
Austin City Limits  "Dave Matthews Band"  Since their debut in the early 90s, the Dave Matthews Band has combined the worlds of jam and pop to win multiple Grammys and gain a permanent position as one of America's top concert draws. With Matthews' introspective lyrics and distinctive vocal timbre and a stellar group of musicians, this Virginia-based band has created some of the most memorable music of the last decade.G

7:00 am 
Rick Steves' Europe  "Denmark Beyond Copenhagen"  Rick visits Aarhus with its ruddy affluence, charming open-air museum and well-preserved ancient bog man. Roskilde is impressive with its royal burial church and the best Viking ship museum anywhere.G

7:30 am 
Smart Travels - Europe with Rudy Maxa  "France's Normandy"  From a dramatic, historic coast to rural pastures, this sweet section of France abounds with apple orchards, enchanting villages, stunning abbeys and sparkling seaports. We base in the lovely seaside town Honfleur. At Giverny, and in the museums in Rouen and Honfleur, we discover the birth of Impressionism. D

8:00 am 
The Desert Speaks  "Wines of the Desert"  The stereotypical images of Mexico's Baja California include sun- drenched beaches, bizarre spiny plants, and remote dusty pueblos. But Baja is full of surprises. Known for its tequila and cerveza, the country's burgeoning wine industry may someday give these traditional beverages stiff competition as it starts to draw international recognition. D

8:30 am 
Chef John Besh's New Orleans   Oyster Stew, Jaeqerschnitzel, and Pear Tart. D

9:00 am 
America's Heartland   First Lady Michele Obama gives Jason Shoultz a personal tour of the White House garden. Nationally known Chef Dave Lieberman delivers a vegetable and dessert dish on a visit to a remote restaurant in Utah. Stressed out? Some nutritional fast facts about food that just may help. D

9:30 am 
New Scandinavian Cooking  "The Holy Fish"  Andreas visits the rugged coastline of Helgeland in northern Norway, where the mystical and delicious halibut makes its home among the islets and skerries. Andreas demonstrates how different cooking methods can elicit different flavors and textures from the fish. Dishes include: the smoked Greenland halibut with berries and potato salad; pickled halibut, baked halibut with cucumber and herbs; and finally, pan-fried halibut served with veal demi-glace. D

10:00 am 
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated  "Time to Grill"  Test cook Bridget Lancaster shows host Christopher Kimball how to make the ultimate Grilled Bone-In Pork Roast. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for whole fish baskets in the Equipment Corner. Next, gadget guru Lisa McManus reveals her favorite summertime kitchen gadgets. D

10:30 am 
Around The House with Matt and Shari  "A Well Kept Exterior"  Today we look at ways to coordinate specialty windows with both your interior and exterior. Then, meet a professional home inspector to learn about ways to keep moisture out of your house and solve some common problems. Next, it's winterizing your home with simple tips. D

11:00 am 
Front Row Center  "Bachman & Turner"  After many years of fan demand, Randy Bachman and Fred Turner - the two giants of rock 'n' roll at the heart of legendary band Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- finally reunited for the first time in more than 20 years. The musicians are now the full-throttle rock machine Bachman & Turner, and here they knock out hit after hit including "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," "Shakin' all Over," "Roll on Down the Highway" and "Takin' Care of Business." With guest appearance by Paul Schaffer. D

12:00 pm 
Sesame Street  "The Bubblefest"  It's Bubblefest on Sesame Street and Alan and Chris are the leaders of the festivities. Telly is excited since he has never blown a bubble before. Everyone starts blowing bubbles but when Telly gives it a try, he blows way too hard and is unable to make a bubble. D

1:00 pm 
Dinosaur Train  "Hootin' Hadrosaurs!/Hatching Party"  Hootin' Hadrosaurs! - Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don meet Perry Parasaurolophus, a dinosaur with a crest on his head who teaches them a new way to hoot some hip music. Hatching Party - Buddy, Tiny and Mrs. Pteranodon attend an egg hatching party and meet their friend Cory Corythosaurus's new brothers and sisters. D

1:30 pm 
Super Why!  "Juan Bobo and the Pig"  Red can't believe her ears! Could Grandma really have asked for a "pizza paper?" The Super Readers fly into a Puerto Rican folktale to meet a boy who thinks his Momma wants him to put his pig in a dress! Maybe both Juan Bobo and Red have misunderstood! Will the Super Readers untangle this silly situation before Juan Bobo's pig runs hog wild? Educational Objectives: To learn about the importance of getting all the information. Young viewers will use the alphabet, practice spelling skills and use the power to read to change the story!. D

2:00 pm 
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!  "A Plan for Sand/Whale Music"  A Plan for Sand - Nick and Sally are playing in their sandbox, but there's not enough room for them to build their castles. The Cat arrives to take them to the biggest sandbox they'll ever see! In the desert, they meet Carmela the Camel who teaches them about how camels are adapted to live in the dry, sandy climate. Whale Music - Nick and Sally have made a song to sing to their moms, but they can't get the ending quite right. D

2:30 pm 
Wild Kratts  "Polar Bears Don't Dance"  While in the Arctic, Martin and Chris are on a mission to discover how animals move around in different environments. Their new knowledge comes in handy when they discover that Zach Varmitech has kidnapped a Walrus calf and a Polar bear cub. The Wild Kratts team must do what it takes to return the baby animals to their mothers. D

3:00 pm 
Outdoor Idaho  "Idaho's Centennial Trail"  From the Nevada border all the way to the Canadian border, the state's Centennial Trail winds through every kind of terrain Idaho has to offer and passes by many of the state's scenic highlights. We'll meet the duo who helped create the trail and journey along the route with several who are following in their footsteps, including a young couple who tried to make the entire trek on foot in only a few months.G

4:00 pm 
The Artist Toolbox  "Jason Alexander"  In this episode, join host John Jacobsen in the beautifully-remodeled Saban Theatre in Los Angeles as he attempts to crack up classic funny-man Jason Alexander, perhaps best known as George Costanza from the ground-breaking sitcom, "Seinfeld." While having such a successful show often typecasts actors for the rest of their careers, Alexander talks about breaking the mold and forging a career based on craft, training and ambition. Having enjoyed an active career on the stage for the past twenty years, including his Tony Award-winning performance in Jerome Robbins' Broadway and the Los Angeles production of The Producers with Martin Short, he has also appeared in numerous films, including Pretty Woman. D

4:30 pm 
Music Voyager  "The New Medellin"  Despite its notoriety as the home of drug baron Pablo Escobar, Medellin is a modern, thriving city nestled in a scenic mountain valley. Host Jacob Edgar tours a local hip-hop school and community center in the Aranjuez neighborhood that provides a positive outlet for inner city youth. He also enjoys a virtuoso freestyle display by local hip-hop collective Crew Peligrosos, a private performance by reggaeton superstar J-Balvin in his luxurious penthouse apartment and a visit to El Cielo, one of Colombia's most inventive restaurants. D

5:00 pm 
PBS NewsHour   NULL

6:00 pm 
Land Girls   With evidence of an unidentified sympathizer in the village, sadistic Sgt. Tucker tries to find the culprit. When he gets Esther to screen the girls' mail, he discovers Nancy's secret. When Annie realizes that Bea is pregnant, she sets out to convince the American soldier to do the right thing.G

7:00 pm 
Midsomer Murders  "Worm in the Bud, Part 2"  Barnaby and Troy find themselves thrust into a whirlwind of witchcraft, ancient potions, infidelity and land feuds that expose a chilling example of the consequences that can follow when parents believe they always know best. Part 2 of 2G

8:00 pm 
Masterpiece Mystery!  "Inspector Lewis, Series IV: The Gift of Promise"  Andrea De Ritter, founder of an organization that supports gifted children, is murdered after making a presentation to Zoe Suskin, a gifted Oxford student. Earlier that night Andrea resists the advances of another student, who is also killed, and she sends a book by a former spy mistress with a cryptic note to Zoe's father. Lewis follows the tangled threads of lovers and spies to Belfast of the 1980s to find answers for the killings.G

9:30 pm 
New Tricks  "Lottery Curse"  A tabloid editor asks UCOS to help him prove that a celebrity murdered her drunken husband 40 years ago. The stakes are high, as the suspect is about to be made a Dame of the British Empire. Will the detectives find evidence of a murder - or only of jealous accusations?G

10:30 pm 
Royal Memories: Prince Charles' Tribute to the Queen   Prince Charles shares memories and recalls events from Queen Elizabeth's public and private life, adding his own commentary and insights in this tribute for the Diamond Jubilee celebration of her 60-year reign. The memories are illustrated by family photographs and home movies, many of them shot by the queen and previously unavailable to the public.G

11:30 pm 
Land Girls   With evidence of an unidentified sympathizer in the village, sadistic Sgt. Tucker tries to find the culprit. When he gets Esther to screen the girls' mail, he discovers Nancy's secret. When Annie realizes that Bea is pregnant, she sets out to convince the American soldier to do the right thing.G

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September 5, 2012
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