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September 23, 2012
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1:00 am 
Frontline  "The Battle for Syria"  As fighting rages in the streets of Syria's largest city, FRONTLINE producer Jamie Doran and correspondent Ghaith Abdul-Ahad journey to the heart of the insurgency, inside the rebel groups that are waging a full-scale assault on the forces of President Bashar al-Assad. Within "liberated zones" near the city of Aleppo, the rebels not only fight the Syrian Army, but struggle against each other in a bitter rivalry between secular and Islamist fighters. The Battle For Syria is an unprecedented portrait of Syria's rebel leaders, the toll of the war on civilians and the outlines of a potential struggle for power in post-Assad Syria. D

2:00 am 
MI-5  "Nest of Angels"  An MI5 agent is identified and tortured inside a Birmingham mosque, where the leadership is suspected of extremist activities. While still able to speak, the agent reveals boys are being trained as suicide bombers. MI5 needs someone else inside the mosque and an untested Algerian spy seeking a British passport is eager for the assignment.G

3:00 am 
William and Mary   William is visited by a boy and his dog. The boy tells William that his father has drowned at sea and no body has been recovered. Would William be willing to hold a service without a body?G

4:00 am 
Joanna Lumley's Nile   Joanna flies over the world's largest swamp, the Sudd, in southern Sudan. In Juba, she finds the fragile peace process has brought the re-emergence of beauty pageants. From Juba, Joanna heads into Uganda where she follows the White Nile up to Murchison Falls. Her trip culminates with meeting a modern-day adventurer who shows her a recently discovered new source of the Nile in Rwanda's mountains. Part 4 of 4G

5:00 am 
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood  "Electric Cars & A Boy In An Electric Wheelchair"  Mister Rogers visits a garage where electric cars are being made. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri organizes a search for Prince Tuesday and the unhappy Prince is finally found. D

5:30 am 
Curious George  "Downhill Racer/Book Monkey"  Downhill Racer - When George hears about the annual soapbox derby, he enlists Allie to help him make the coolest car a monkey could drive. But even with the help of Bill's instruction manual, building a car takes a lot of work and car parts sure are hard to find. Will their car made out of wagon wheels, a kayak, and brakes from a buggy race past the finish line or are they on a crash course? Book Monkey - George loves books and helping others, so volunteering to help the librarian is a no-brainer! But when she is called away, George may have volunteered for a bigger job than he expected. D

6:00 am 
Wild Kratts  "Tazzy Chris"  When Martin and Chris assist the Tasmanian Wildlife Service in tagging endangered Tasmanian Devils, they discover that Zach Varmitech has been kidnapping them to create a ferocious new Zachbot. Science Concepts: A healthy ecosystem has both predators and scavengers. Scavengers are animals that eat mostly other dead animals. D

6:30 am 
Peep and the Big Wide World/Pocoyo  "Reflection Affection/Peep Deep in the Big Muddy"  Here are two things you might not know about mirrors: they can help you practice flying and they're GREAT for scaring cats! On a hot summer's day, Peep discovers a way to cool off. Pocoyo: Duck Stuck - Pocoyo finds a door that leads to many different places. D

7:00 am 
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!  "Be Cool/Elephant Walk"  Be Cool - Phew, it's hot outside! How are Sally and Nick going to stay cool? Cat suggests that they should visit some friends in the Dizzle-dazzle Desert to learn how to keep cool. They learn that some animals are light coloured, some stay out of the sun, and some, like Tommy the coolest toad around, just mooove sloooow. Nick and Sally take their advice, but Cat has an even better idea - run through a sprinkler! Elephant Walk - When building a toy construction set, Nick and Sally wonder if there's such thing as a one-thing-does-it-all tool. D

7:30 am 
Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps  "Angelina's Fancy Tutu/Angelina and the Musical Theater"  Angelina's Fancy Tutu - Angelina recounts the story of how she found a fancy new tutu. Not only does she entertain her friends with her Cinderella parody, but she also has to do some creative problem solving to find the tutu's rightful owner. Who could it be? Angelina and the Musical Theater - When the stars of "Mousical the Musical" from New Cheese City have to cancel their scheduled performance at Camembert, Viki convinces her friends they can put on their own show. D

8:00 am 
Bob the Builder  "Bob's New House"  When Bob moves his mobile home to Bobland Bay so it can be his site office, Lofty frets about where Bob is going to sleep. His solution is to turn the machine shelter into a makeshift house for Bob, with chaotic results. With his mobile home relocated to Bobland Bay, Bob decides to build his dream house in Sunflower Valley. D

8:30 am 
Franny's Feet  "Iwi The Kiwi/Clothes Call"  Iwi the Kiwi - In New Zealand, Franny helps a flightless Kiwi bird experience the thrill of flying. Clothes Call - Franny travels to Milan, where she learns how to dress for the weather. D

9:00 am 
Wishbone  "Twisted Tail"  This live-action program follows the exploits of Wishbone the dog and his human friends, Joe, David and Samantha through their adventures in their hometown of Oakdale. Wishbone's everyday experiences trigger his imagination and he finds himself in scenes from classic works of literature. In this episode, there's a thief in the neighborhood, who strikes both at Wanda's house and at Joe's place. D

9:30 am 
Dialogue  "Samuel Hunter"  Host Marcia Franklin talks with Moscow native playwright Samuel Hunter about his works and the influence of Idaho in his plays. Hunter, who was in Boise recently to help direct one of his plays, is the recipient of a 2011 Obie Award, the equivalent of a Tony Award for off-Broadway productions, for his play A Bright New Boise.G

10:00 am 
BBC Newsnight   NULL

10:30 am 
Consuelo Mack WealthTrack  "Great Investors: Matthew McLennan"  Guest: Matthew McLennan, Portfolio Manager, First Eagle Funds. This week's Consuelo Mack WealthTrack features a next generation "Great Investor" who is successfully filling the shoes of the legendary Jean Marie Eveillard at First Eagle Funds. Matthew McLennan, portfolio manager of First Eagle Global, tells Anchor and Managing Editor Consuelo Mack where in the world he's finding value now. D

11:00 am 
To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe   Protecting Women's Rights: The 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly is tackling gender equality and women's participation in politics and the economy. Mother Gives Daughter Her Womb: The first ever successful uterus transplants may mean two women may now be able to conceive and carry babies to term, thanks to their mothers. Does the Rise of Women Mean "The End of Men?": Journalist Hanna Rosin thinks so. D

11:30 am 
McLaughlin Group   The Real Romney Revealed?; Afghan Insider Attacks Up; Poll Bounce. Tim Carney, The Washington Examiner; Eleanor Clift, Newsweek; Mort Zuckerman, US News & World Report; Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune. D

12:00 pm 
Closer to Truth  "Why The Cosmos?"  The search for meaning and purpose is humanity's never-ending quest. It is said that "How Questions" belong to the realm of science, but "Why Questions" do not. Yet startling scientific discoveries offer radical powers of explanation. D

12:30 pm 
Sewing with Nancy  "Fancy Footworks 2, Part 2"  Use specialty presser feet to help improve your basic and decorative sewing skills. Nancy includes characteristics, uses, settings, and how-tos for the Stitch-N-Ditch Foot, Teflon Foot, and the Flower Stitch Foot. Learn new options for binding, sewing difficult fabrics, and making beautiful circular flowers. D

1:00 pm 
Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting  "Puppy Pals"  Marianne and Mary share how to draw design inspiration from a novelty fabric. They show how to tilt blocks for a whimsical look. D

1:30 pm 
Hometime  "Screen Porch Highlights"  Dean and Miriam talk about roofing, railings and a realistic gas fireplace during the construction of a screen porch. D

2:00 pm 
Woodsmith Shop  "Workbench Basics"  Join the editors from Woodsmith magazine as they show you the must-have features you need when choosing the right workbench. D

2:30 pm 
This Old House  "Barrington Project, Part 9 of 10"  Builder Andy Tiplady sets 4"x4" glass tile in the kitchen using a light green grout (mixed with a latex additive) as the adhesive to set the tile and give a depth of color to the backsplash that thinset would not allow. Outside, the new insulated steel garage door is up; inside, host Kevin O'Connor works with Andy to install a garage storage system from the home center to keep the space organized. At the front deck, carpenter Chris Aguiar finishes up the cable railing system. D

3:00 pm 
Ask This Old House  "Installing a Manual Transfer Switch; Fixing a Clogged Sewer Line"  Host Kevin O'Connor and electrician Scott Caron travel to Annapolis, Maryland, to install a manual transfer switch for a portable generator. Then Kevin, along with general contractor Tom Silva, landscape contractor Roger Cook and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, asks, "What is it?" Afterward, Richard heads to Dallas to fix a sewer line that is clogged with tree roots. D

3:30 pm 
Growing a Greener World  "Young Farmers (Atlanta, GA)"  There's a new wave of farmers emerging who are young, educated, hard working and extremely environmentally passionate. As traditional farmers are retiring, these young farmers are answering the call for a healthier tomorrow. D

4:00 pm 
Moyers & Company  "Elections for Sale"  One of the reasons Moyers & Company frequently returns to the theme of money and politics is because it's absolutely necessary to do so. Nothing corrupts our political system more than the ability of the rich and influential to spend limitless amounts of money -- often in secret -- with the intention of creating preferred political outcomes. And far from being a regulator of campaign finances, our political funding laws -- aided by a corporate-friendly Supreme Court and self-interested politicians -- only facilitate the process of empowering the few while subjugating the many. D

5:00 pm 
William and Mary   Molly comes home from the hospital and the family anxiously waits to hear her results. William gets a shock when he meets the twin brother of a body he is arranging a funeral for.G

6:00 pm 
NOVA  "Making Stuff Stronger"  Technology reporter David Pogue brings his off-beat humor and high-energy style to his role as host for this mini-series. Pogue examines everything from mollusks to a toucan's beak and reviews tests for the world's strongest materials. He travels from the deck of a U.S. naval aircraft carrier to a demolition derby. He checks in with experts who are re-engineering what nature has provided to create strong "stuff." Part 1 of 4G

7:00 pm 
Outdoor Idaho  "Pathways of Pioneers"  For emigrants bound for a land of opportunity, the Oregon Trail was the corridor to their dreams. This great migration west left Idaho a grand legacy, which we explore in this hour-long program. Massacre Rocks, Soda Springs, Big Hill, Three Island Crossing - these historic landmarks take on new meaning through the eyes of modern-day pioneers.G

8:00 pm 
Broadway Or Bust  "And The Winner Is ..."  The show at New York's Minskoff Theatre is about to begin. During the first half of the show all 60 finalists perform in ensemble with judges giving scores to the leading performers based on the group performances and individual medleys. Then, the top six contenders perform their solos, leading to the judge's announcement of the male and female who take home the Jimmy Awards.G

9:00 pm 
Masterpiece Mystery!  "Wallander, Series III - Before The Frost"  Wallander is on the trail of an escapee and serial arsonist from a psychiatric hospital, when he is visited by Anna, an old friend of Linda, his estranged daughter. As arson attacks occur, Anna appears to be connected in some way. Wallander must reconcile with Linda and join forces to find Anna at all costs.G

10:30 pm 
New Tricks   Lane indulges his obsession with fishing when UCOS investigates the case of two boys abducted from a fishing lake in 1979. The boys escaped but the kidnapper was not found. Lane thinks the fishing lake, the 1979 abduction and a recent spate of snatches are related.G

11:30 pm 
Equitrekking Adventures  "Kentucky"  In a state well known for its horses, host Darley Newman discovers wildflowers, a historic mill site and rolling green hills on the trails at Shaker Village.G

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September 23, 2012
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