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July 15, 2012
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8:00 am 
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!  "Amazing Eyes/Water Walkers"  Amazing Eyes - Sally and Nick are trying to guess which game Harvey the guinea pig might like to play with them. The Cat takes them to meet his friend Katie the Cavy, a wild guinea pig. But when they try to ask her, she playfully runs off! With the help of three different animals with very different ways of seeing, they finally find Katie and discover a guinea pig's favourite game - hide and seek! Water Walkers - Nick and Sally are waiting for Mom to come back so they can play in the pool. D

8:30 am 
Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps  "Angelina and the Tummy Butterflies/Angelina and the Magician"  Angelina and the Tummy Butterflies - The mouselings are learning about jazz dance, improvisation, and poetry. Ms. Mimi asks them to share the poems they're creating with the entire class. But Alice become anxious every time she thinks about presenting her poem to the rest of the students and can't understand why she feels like she has "tummy butterflies. D

9:00 am 
Bob the Builder  "Lofty's Big Day"  A comet is due to pass through the night sky, and Bob and the team get to work building an observatory so that everyone can watch. Lofty worries that he won't get a good look and decides to get closer to the comet by driving to the top of a mountain. Unfortunately, he gets stuck. D

9:30 am 
Franny's Feet  "A Pirate's Treasure/Game Over"  A) Franny lands on a pirate ship where she meets Joanna, a young girl who wants to be a pirate, just like her grandfather. Franny and Joanna search for a treasure, but instead find a cabin in the woods. Inside the cabin they find Joanna's grandfather, who praises the girls for their keen, pirate-like navigation skills. D

10:00 am 
Thomas & Friends  "Out and About"  The engines were preparing for the Sodor Kite Gala. Thomas is very excited because he loves kites. Sir Topham Hatt's grandchildren are up on Gordon's Hill with their multi-colored kite. D

10:30 am 
Dialogue  "Dr. David Kessler"  Host Marcia Franklin talks with the former federal official about regulating cigarettes, nutritional labeling and his latetst book.G

11:00 am 
BBC Newsnight   NULL

11:30 am 
Consuelo Mack WealthTrack  "Financial Thought Leaders: David Rosenberg"  Guest: David Rosenberg, Chief Economist and Strategist, Gluskin Sheff. This week Consuelo Mack WealthTrack features an interview with the "Financial Thought Leader" who has gotten it right throughout the financial crisis and beyond. Anchor and Managing Editor Consuelo Mack asks David Rosenberg, Gluskin Sheff's Chief Economist and Strategist, what he sees in the future now and why, after years of pessimism, he believes "the future is brighter than you think. D

12:00 pm 
To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe   Safety of Afghan Women: A video leaked of a 22-year old Afghan woman accused of adultery being shot in front of a jeering crowd. After worldwide outrage, panelists discuss the incident's implications about the Taliban and what can be done by the international community. Female Olympic Athletes: For the first time ever, the US Olympic Team will have more women than men. D

12:30 pm 

1:00 pm 
Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer  "The Saddle"  Roger and Sarah Bansemer visit old friends on the Kinship Creek Ranch, high in the of beautiful and picture perfect mountains of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Roger paints a saddle in acrylics as Sarah rides horseback on the ranch. D

1:30 pm 
Sew It All  "Feel of Chenille-Eric Drexler"  Learn how to use precut chenille strips to make a unique openwork shawl that only looks complicated. D

2:00 pm 
Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting  "Milky Way"  Mary and her guest Liz Porter will show how fabric selections impact your quilt's style. They will also demonstrate cutting squares and triangles from the same strip. D

2:30 pm 
Hometime  "Closet Organizers"  The HOMETIME crew explores the storage options for closets and installs a discrete fireplace screen. D

3:00 pm 
Woodsmith Shop  "Top Shop Tips"  In the Woodsmith Shop, we're always looking for ways to make woodworking faster, safer, and more accurate. See some of our favorite shop tips and techniques from the pages of Woodsmith magazine.G

3:30 pm 
This Old House  "Bedford Project, Part 15 of 16"  Landscape contractor Roger Cook oversees the finish going down on the driveway - a thin layer of liquid asphalt and stone that ends up looking like a gravel driveway, without the maintenance. Inside, master electrician Allen Gallant installs a new LED strip light at the old fireplace to give the brick surround a warm glow. Decorative painter Tony Bevilacqua shows host Kevin O'Connor how he created a bright custom canvas wall covering for the new powder room. D

4:00 pm 
Ask This Old House  "Upgrading Electrical Service; Attracting Butterflies to Gardens"  Electrician Scott Caron works with a homeowner to upgrade his electrical service from 100 to 200 amps. Then, landscape contractor Roger Cook visits a garden designed to attract butterflies. D

4:30 pm 
Growing a Greener World  "The Dirt On Creating A Healthy Garden (Raleigh, NC)"  The foundation of any healthy garden starts with the soil. This episode goes to the source with a tour of a Soil Testing lab and the U.S. Composting Council for a better understanding of how to create the best foundation in your home garden. D

5:00 pm 
Moyers & Company  "Banking On Greed"  Just when you think the reputation of banks couldn't get any worse, comes word that we've seen nothing yet. As many as 20 banking institutions, including Barclays Bank, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, UBS and HSBC, are reportedly under investigation for illegal and unethical practices toward protecting their profits at all costs and letting others pay for their mistakes. An MIT professor of finance told CNN, "This dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scams in the history of markets. D

6:00 pm 
William and Mary   There are wedding bells for Molly and Rick, and Mary has some surprising news.G

7:00 pm 
Outdoor Idaho  "The People's Land"  OUTDOOR IDAHO takes the pulse of the People's Land, the 64 percent of Idaho that is managed by the federal government. People speak out about today's management of public lands. They ride, hike, boat, camp, hunt and fish on public acreage, or they seek to harvest resources from the lands - and they are finding ways to work together for the sake of the land.G

7:30 pm 
Oregon Field Guide  "Mt. Hood: Climbing Oregon's Highest Peak"  Jule Gilfillan explores the history, challenges and rewards of climbing the peak that sits tantalizingly on the horizon in much of Oregon.G

8:00 pm 
Garrow's Law   Thomas Baillie, lieutenant governor of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich, has been charged with criminal libel for a letter that exposed corrupt practices at the hospital that appear to involve Lord Sandwich. In court, Garrow exposes a series of abuses perpetuated by the lord. Sarah worries how news of this case will affect her increasingly deranged husband.G

9:01 pm 
Masterpiece Mystery!  "Inspector Lewis, Series V: Generation of Vipers"  Lewis and Hathaway are drawn into a world of virtual bullying, but very real murder, when Professor Miranda Thornton is found dead after her dating video is leaked to a vicious website. Although it appears to be a suicide, the deeper they investigate, the more it seems that Miranda's death is the final revenge of an old enemy.G

10:30 pm 
New Tricks   DNA tests reveal the innocence of a teenage golfer, who apparently commited suicide because of suspicions he had killed a child with a golf club. Pullman and her squad turn their attention to the committee members of the Wellesley Park golf club.G

11:30 pm 
Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope  "Sechselauten - Switzerland's Spring Festival"  Joseph finds Zurich casting off its reputation as a dry, formal business town when the town's historic medieval trade unions celebrate spring. Joseph dons a baker's cap and joins the Bakers Guild for a romp through the streets to the square where a snowman is blasted by a burst of fireworks.G

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July 15, 2012
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