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June 16, 2013
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12:00 am 
Austin City Limits  "Spoon"  An Austin institution, Spoon tunes up for indie rock to highlight its latest album Transference.G

1:00 am 
Nature  "Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air"  The tiny hummingbird qualifies as one of the toughest and most energetic creatures on the planet. Recent breakthroughs in the study of the bird's biology are combined with high-definition, high-speed footage of hummingbirds in the wild and high-tech presentations of their remarkable abilities.G

2:00 am 
Frontline  "Syria Behind The Lines"  FRONTLINE's Olly Lambert is the first Western filmmaker to spend an extended period living on both sides of Syria's sectarian frontline. He documents the realities of everyday life for rebels, government soldiers and civilians in the once peaceful area of Syria's heartland. The film is a portrait of a disintegrating nation and the dividing lines between communities and between life and death.G

3:00 am 
MI-5  "Agenda"  As a dangerous Muslim extremist wins his battle to stay in the UK, a gunman shoots him down. An explosion in a cafe kills more Muslims and a Christian group called The Sons of Phineas claims it is behind the attacks. Adam and the team trace the group to a bishop who is advising the Prime Minister. Adam goes undercover to learn more. Meanwhile Mossad (the Israeli secret service) is also investigating The Sons of Phineas.G

4:00 am 
Land Girls  "Displaced Loyalties"  Bea falls for an Italian POW, and Connie flirts with a bashful piano player. Meanwhile Martin's accident produces more trouble and Lady Hoxley's sister snags herself a wealthy American admirer.G

5:00 am 
Billy Connolly's Route 66   Billy continues west stopping at a cattle auction; the Devil's Rope Museum in McLeary, Texas, to learn about the history and lore of barbed wire; Cadillac Ranch, the art installation where 10 Cadillacs stand up-ended, their tails in the air; and a ghost town. He sees the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, detours north to Navajo Nation's Monument Valley Park on the Utah-Arizona border, and experiences a Navajo healing ritual. Part 3 of 4G

6:00 am 
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood  "Mister Rogers Talks About Art"  Mister Rogers shows an animation device that a friend made. He also shows slides and a reproduction of famous works by Picasso. In Make Believe, Lady Aberlin is making her portrait of the King; X The Owl and Henrietta have already finished theirs. D

6:30 am 
Curious George  "Hamster Cam/The Great Monkey Detective"  Hamster Cam - Steve's pet hamster, Hogie, is on the loose in the city streets with nothing but a small video camera tied to his back. George helps Steve track his whereabouts using clues from the hamster cam and his best monkeyish map-reading skills. But can a monkey with a map keep up with a hamster on the run? The Great Monkey Detective - It's mystery movie night at Chef Pisghetti's restaurant. D

7:00 am 
Wild Kratts  "Tazzy Chris"  When Martin and Chris assist the Tasmanian Wildlife Service in tagging endangered Tasmanian Devils, they discover that Zach Varmitech has been kidnapping them to create a ferocious new Zachbot. Science Concepts: A healthy ecosystem has both predators and scavengers. Scavengers are animals that eat mostly other dead animals. D

7:30 am 
Peep and the Big Wide World/Pocoyo  "The Perils of Peep and Chirp/Hoop Tricks/Pocoyo - New on the Planet"  Emboldened by the ice, Peep and Chirp try to walk across Big Bay. Chirp finds a beautiful bracelet and soon discovers all the amazing things it can do! Then, Pocoyo is scared when a stranger appears in Pocoyoland, but he soon comes to realize that he needn't be scared of this little alien - and they become friends. D

8:00 am 
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!  "A Tale About Tails/Sticky Situation"  A Tale About Tails - Nick and Sally are playing "Tape the Tail on the Donkey" when they wish they had tails of their own! Well it just so happens that the Cat knows a lot about tails! He brings them to the Jungle of Wagga-Tag-Tail where they meet a number of animals with very different tails. When Nick and Sally get to test out all of these tails for themselves, they learn that different tails can do different things! Sticky Situation - Sally and Nick are playing the drums on overturned buckets when Nick breaks his drumstick! Luckily, the Cat knows someone who is a stick expert, his friend Betty Beaver! She finds Nick the perfect drumstick, but when her dam springs a leak, Nick, Sally and the Cat help her fix it, using Nick's new stick. He doesn't have a stick anymore, but Nick learns an even better way to drum: using a home-made beaver tail!. D

8:30 am 
Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps  "Angelina's Mother's Day/Angelina and the Father's Day Surprise"  Angelina's Mother's Day - Ms. Mimi teaches the class about dynamics in music and dance. Loud sounds suit big, theatrical movements. Quiet music works well with smaller movements. D

9:00 am 
Bob the Builder  "A Very Important Visitor"  Everybody is getting ready for the Big Summer Party in Bobland Bay and Bob and his team are going to build two shelter stops for Splasher's new ferry route. Splasher just can't wait for them to finish! He races around announcing his new route, but no timetable has been put in place yet. Despite what he thinks, Splasher can't be everywhere at once. D

9:30 am 
Thomas & Friends  "Kindness with Friends"  Percy's New Friends - Percy wants to make friends with the wild animals on Sodor. When he approaches a squirrel, it runs away. He tries to make friends with a bird but it flies away. D

10:00 am 
Wishbone  "Bark to the Future"  This live-action program follows the exploits of Wishbone the dog and his human friends, Joe, David and Samantha through their adventures in their hometown of Oakdale. Wishbone's everyday experiences trigger his imagination and he finds himself in scenes from classic works of literature. In this episode, Joe learns that his own intellect can never be replaced by modern technology. D

10:30 am 
Martha Speaks  "Skits under the Weather/Martha the Weather Dog"  Skits under the Weather - Martha and Skits hate the sound of thunder. One day Skits gets fed up and tries to outrun the storm, but soon discovers that all roads somehow lead back home. Martha the Weather Dog - Windy McCloud, Wagstaff City's meteorologist, wants Martha to be her weather dog.G

11:00 am 
BBC Newsnight   NULL

11:30 am 
Consuelo Mack WealthTrack  "Global Opportunities"  Guest: Stephen Smith, Co-Lead Portfolio Manager, Brandywine Global Opportunities Bond Fund. This week's Consuelo Mack WealthTrack features an exclusive interview with Brandywine Global Opportunities Bond Fund's "Great Investor" Stephen Smith, a maverick bond investor who delivers stock market-like returns. D

12:00 pm 
To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe   This Week on TO THE CONTRARY: immigration law and discrimination against women, then moms as sole and primary breadwinners. Behind the headlines, surrogacy and the single dad. The panelists discuss: Immigration Reform: Discuss whether current immigration law is gender discriminating. D

12:30 pm 
McLaughlin Group   Topics: NSA's Sweeping Surveillance, Edward Snowden - Traitor or Whistleblower? Panelists: Pat Buchanan, Author & Columnist; Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner; Mort Zuckerman, US News & World Report; Eleanor Clift, Newsweek. D

1:00 pm 
Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer  "Roosevelt and Rufus"  Visit the downtown of historic St. Augustine, Florida and take a horse drawn carriage ride thru the old city. Roger paints the carriage horse and Sarah talks to the driver who began his career at a very young age. D

1:30 pm 
Sew It All  "Faux Fur Fun, Cheryl Zuczek"  Learn the ins and outs of working with faux fur. D

2:00 pm 
Quilting Arts  "Focus On Stitch"  This episode focuses on stitching. It's a recurring theme this season and is an important part to just about every quilting project. Frieda Anderson starts out with a primer on free motion quilting - learn the basics to get started. D

2:30 pm 
Hometime  "Creekside Home Timbers"  The HOMETIME team hangs timber frame trusses over the great room. D

3:00 pm 
Woodsmith Shop  "Shop Storage Cart"  This roll-around shop cart may become your favorite shop tool. The Woodsmith editors show you how to build this versatile cart. This handy project is a tool storage center, an adjustable stock support system, and a workstation all in one compact design. D

3:30 pm 
This Old House  "Cambridge 2012/Window Seat, Stairs, Knee Walls"  Landscape contractor Roger Cook installs new granite steps, and host Kevin O'Connor helps general contractor Tom Silva build a timeless window seat and some MDF doors cleverly disguised as wainscoting. Master carpenter Norm Abram works on the treads and newel cap on the stairs, and the pine ceiling accents get whitewashed and lacquered. D

4:00 pm 
Ask This Old House  "Using Hand Planes/Repairing A Cracked Stone Walkway"  In the workshop, general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates the proper way to use hand planes. Then, Tom, along with host Kevin O'Connor, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey and landscape contractor Roger Cook, asks, "What is it?" Afterward, Roger helps a homeowner repair a cracked stone walkway. D

4:30 pm 
P. Allen Smith's Garden to Table  "Festive Entertaining"  The holiday season is here and Allen is getting ready by preparing a few unique recipes for the big day. He also shows us how to create a very festive dinner table. D

5:00 pm 
Moyers & Company  "Big Brother's Prying Eyes"  Whatever your take on the recent revelations about government spying on our phone calls and Internet activity, there's no denying that Big Brother is bigger and less brotherly than we thought. What's the resulting cost to our privacy -- and more so, our democracy? On the next Moyers & Company (check local listings), Lawrence Lessig, professor of law and director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University and founder of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society, joins Bill to discuss the implications of our government's actions and Edward Snowden's role in leaking the information. Few are as knowledgeable about the impact of the Internet on our public and private lives as Lessig, who argues that government needs to protect American rights with the same determination and technological sophistication it uses to invade our privacy and root out terrorists. D

6:00 pm 
Da Vinci: The Lost Treasure   Fiona Bruce is seeking the story of enigmatic genius Leonardo Da Vinci, beginning in his birthplace, the small town of Vinci in Tuscany, and follows in his footsteps to Florence. In Paris, she is given a private view of the Mona Lisa and learns about some of Leonardo's painting techniques. Then, in New York City, she is given a preview of a Leonardo painting recently discovered.G

7:00 pm 
Outdoor Idaho  "Eating Local"  Most of our food travels about 1,500 miles before it ever reaches our kitchen tables. But there are a growing number of food producers and consumers who prefer to eat locally grown food; they say it's healthier and tastier. Today, more than 50 farmers markets operate throughout the state, allowing farmers and consumers to meet and learn from each other. It's a trend that harkens back to a simpler time, when communities supported local farmers and people knew where their food came from. Outdoor Idaho explores the growing fascination with eating local.G

7:30 pm 
Oregon Field Guide  "Backpacking The Olympic Coast"  Backpacking the Olympic coast, Columbia River toxics, Portland fruit tree projectG

8:00 pm 
Call The Midwife  "(S1 E3)"  Jenny makes calls on the nursing roster and seeks to learn why a new patient seems upset by her latest pregnancy. Part 3 of 6G

9:00 pm 
Masterpiece Mystery!  "Inspector Lewis, Series VI: Down Among The Fearful"  Kevin Whately returns for a sixth season as Inspector Lewis. He and his young partner DS Hathaway (Laurence Fox) tackle murder in the seemingly perfect academic haven of Oxford. When a psychic is found murdered, the detectives soon discover that the victim is really an Oxford psychology research fellow.G

10:30 pm 
New Tricks  "Blue Flower"  The UCOS team investigates the case of 16-year-old tennis champion Alice Kemp, who fell to her death from the balcony of a penthouse apartment after losing a crucial match. As team members delve into this competitive world, Standing wonders if he did enough to encourage his own daughter's sporting ambitions.G

11:30 pm 
British Antiques Roadshow  "Hatfield 1"  Fiona Bruce and the team are in Hertfordshire where they find a collection of almost 500 ornamental pigs, doll house furniture made out of shell cases on the Somme in World War I, and three small tiles salvaged by a builder that turn out to be worth a fortune.G

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June 16, 2013
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