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April 19, 2012
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5:00 am 
Sid The Science Kid  "Clean Air!"  Sid the roving reporter is investigating something strange in his backyard--his Dad is wearing a mask while painting. Sid discovers that his Dad is protecting his face so he doesn't breathe in the dirty fumes. At school, Sid and his friends discover that people and animals on Earth need to breathe clean air, and when we pollute the air around us, it affects the air that everyone breathes. D

5:30 am 
Martha Speaks  "Verb Dog, When Action Calls!/Martha's Adverb Adventures"  Verb Dog, When Action Calls! - Struck by a falling book of five-hundred-and-one English Verbs, Martha instantly becomes - Verb Dog! Using her unique superpower to control people with verbs, Martha sniffs out trouble and defends the town from evil. Vocabulary: (E) verb, amublate, elevate, descend, (un)petrify. Martha's Adverb Adventure - Weaselgraft and Pablum have a new invention that is sure to make them rich again. D

6:00 am 
NOVA  "Why Ships Sink"  NOVA investigates the safety of cruise ships, which carry 20 million passengers annually on vacation aboard these deluxe "floating cities," which have doubled in size during the last decade. Some engineers fear these towering behemoths are dangerosly unstable. NOVA brings together marine engineering and safety experts to reconstruct famous cruise disasters, including the recent Costa Concordia to consider the questions about cruise safety.G

7:00 am 
Rick Steves' Europe  "North Wales: Feisty and Poetic"  Rick takes in Mount Snowdon, medieval castles and Victorian promenades. He learns a bit of Welsh, follows a miner deep into a slate mine, and herds sheep with a clever dog.G

7:30 am 
Smart Travels - Europe with Rudy Maxa  "Venice"  Rudy tours the famous sites then shows how to escape the crowds in the neighborhoods of Dorsaduro, Cannaregio and San Polo.G

8:00 am 
The Desert Speaks  "On The Trail of a Living Fossil"  In an effort to discover more about the desert tortoise, host David Yetman treks from the dry deserts of Utah to the tropics of Northwestern Mexico in search of these special animals. The trail begins outside of St. George Utah, which has more tortoises there per square kilometer than anywhere else in the United States. D

8:30 am 
Ciao Italia  "Pizza on the Grill/Pizza Alla Griglia"  It's summertime at last, and Mary Ann fires up the grill -- not for burgers -- but for pizza, starting with a Roasted Vegetable Pizza topped with zucchini, eggplant, squash and red Onions. And for dessert? Even more pizza, this time a sweet, Mini-dessert Pizza topped with honey, fresh mint and sliced apricots. D

9:00 am 
Taste of History  "The Washingtons at Mount Vernon, Part 1"  When George Washington wasn't busy governing a fledgling nation, he enjoyed spending time at his family plantation, Mount Vernon. Tour the "Jewel of the Potomac" and join Chef Walter Staib in Washington's very own kitchen as he prepares some of the first President's favorite dishes such as Roasted Beef Marrow, Baked Stuffed Sturgeon, Roasted Root Vegetables and Citrus Vinaigrette. D

9:30 am 
Simply Ming  "Samson Chan & Shellfish"  On this episode of SIMPLY MING, Ming meets up with Chef Samson Chan, the mastermind behind one of Singapore's favorite restaurants, Barnacles. Together they shop for some great living treasures from the South China Sea at Grand Atlantic Fishery. Bringing back the freshest seafood to Chef Samson's restaurant for an afternoon of cooking on the fly, they'll show us how easy it is too cook with the shell on!. D

10:00 am 
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated  "Vegetarian Pasta Night"  Test cook Becky Hays shows host Christopher Kimball how to make Great Vegetable Lasagna. Then, science expert Guy Crosby teaches Chris about the science of cornstarch. Next, tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Chris to a tasting of whole wheat lasagna noodles. D

10:30 am 
Around The House with Matt and Shari  "Bedroom Inspirations"  Today's show teaches an easy way to decorate using an inspiration piece. Matt and Shari show how to create the bedroom of your dreams starting with a discussion of how to dress a bed. Then, Matt demonstrates how to create a custom designed closet organizer. D

11:00 am 
Austin City Limits  "John Legend & The Roots"  The performance is a mix of mostly 1970s soul covers and a few originals. "Captain" Kirk Douglas has a blistering guitar solo at the end of the Bill Withers cover "I Can't Write Left Handed."G

12:00 pm 
Sesame Street  "Frankly It's A Habitat"  Big Bird is eating a hot bowl of soup on a cold day outside Hooper's store. Freddy Flapman, from Flychert Real Estate finds Big Bird and tries to convince him to migrate somewhere warm. Freddy Flapman tells him that he might like living in a new habitat. D

1:00 pm 
Dinosaur Train  "Great Big Stomping Dinosaur Feet!/Hornucopia"  Great Big Stomping Dinosaur Feet! - Tiny is very worried after she loses Shiny's favorite shiny shell, and enlists Dad and Buddy to help find a new one. As Tiny becomes more frantic, she begins stomping with frustration. Then the kids meet Daphne, a Daspletosaurus kid who shows them how to make stomping a fun dance instead of a temper tantrum. D

1:30 pm 
Super Why!  "Cinderella: The Prince's Side of the Story"  Red and Little Boy Blue are playing some music together when Little Boy Blue suddenly disappears! This is just like when Cinderella left the ball without finishing her dance. To solve the mystery, Super Why and his friends soar into Cinderella's fairytale once again, and this time they talk to the prince! Educational Objectives: To learn about thinking creatively, investigate the alphabet, practice the magic of spelling, and use the power to read to change the story. D

2:00 pm 
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!  "Help with Kelp/Treetop Tom"  Help With Kelp - It's Fish's birthday and Nick and Sally want to get him a special present, but who can they ask for ideas? Cat's friend Gary the Garibaldi fish might have an idea! Off to the Briny Blue Sea where they meet a variety of creatures in a kelp forest who use the kelp for both food and protection. Back at home they make a picture of the kelp forest for Fish. It's the best present he could ever hope for! Treetop Tom - Nick and Sally are playing when their ball gets caught up high in the branches of a tree. D

2:30 pm 
Wild Kratts  "Stuck On Sharks"  Martin and Chris are on a mission to uncover the secret life of the mysterious Great White Shark. They use Aviva's incredible Remora Rocketsub to "stick with" a female shark and soon learn that the giant predator of the sea actually has lots of challenges to contend with and that she could help them discover something that no one has ever seen before - the birth of Great White shark pups. But when Gourmand sniffs around looking for ingredients for his Shark Fin Soup recipe, the Wild Kratts team must help rescue their new friend. D

3:00 pm 
Dialogue for Kids  "Idaho Ecosystems"  Idaho has many different ecosystems, including forests, wetlands, deserts and grasslands. Why are these different ecosystems important to the plants and animals in the state? Why are they different? How are they the same? Joan Cartan-Hansen and her guest scientists, Beth Paragamian, North Idaho Wildlife Education Center Manager and Adare Evans, Wildlife Educator, Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game, will answer questions about Idaho's ecosystems.G

3:30 pm 
Rick Steves' Europe  "London: Mod and Trad"  Rick finds London quintessentially English, yet cosmopolitan. He checks out the new - the Millenium Bridge and the British Museum's Great Court - and admires the old - well-wrapped mummies and a rare Leonardo.G

4:00 pm 
The Desert Speaks  "Patagonia's Glacial Landscape"  In this episode, host David Yetman and Argentine archeologist Maria Jose Figuerero make their way through the arid, desolate and windswept Patagonia landscape. The travelers make part of the trip on horseback along the Chilean/Argentine border, taking time to observe the glorious flight of the graceful Andean condor. They also stop in the city of Calafate, the gateway to Glacier National Park, and observe a local folklore performance group dancing and making music. D

4:30 pm 
Outdoor Idaho  "Seeking Refuge"  Nature's scenes and sounds are captured on film in Idaho's six natural wildlife refuges. Hundreds of thousands of migrating birds, plus more who find nesting sites in the refuges, also attract birdwatchers, scientists and others to these special places.G

5:00 pm 
PBS NewsHour   NULL

6:00 pm 
My Hero  "Car"  A defrocked superhero cousin wants his powers back. George intercedes but restored powers and the Crown jewels are too much for the cousin.G

6:30 pm 
Are You Being Served?  "Shoulder to Shoulder"  The Gentlemen's Ready-to-Wear and Ladies' Separates & Underwear have to share counters when the decorations arrive.G

7:00 pm 
May to December  "That'll Be The Day"  Alec is again living with Zoe. He proposes to her on their first anniversary sending her into a panic.G

7:30 pm 
As Time Goes By  "Lionel's New Hobby"  In search of a hobby to occupy his time, Lionel takes to model boat building. Jean and company are concerned about this pastime and take action.G

8:00 pm 
Last of the Summer Wine  "The Rights of Man (Except for Howard)"  Hobbo decides that the still homeless Howard needs to show Pearl who is boss. Meanwhile Marina thinks she might find full-time commitment with Mr. Waddle and decides to seize the moment.G

8:30 pm 
The Red Green Show  "Free Apricots"  A tractor-trailer flips over and the lodge members get an unlimited supply of apricots. Red makes a really high car jack. Bill goes rock climbing.G

9:00 pm 
Keeping Up Appearances - The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket   Hyacinth is at her wit's end, what with the charity shop, Councilor Nugent, Rose's love life and her Daddy.G

9:30 pm 
Mr. Bean  "Mr. Bean In Room 426"  With the aid of an electric drill and a picture of Shirley Bassey, Bean tries to turn a hotel room into home away from home.G

10:00 pm 
Outnumbered   As the family tries to get rid of Auntie Angela, another guest arrives to stay. Mum has to decide what to do about Jake's girlfriend. Ben and Karen discuss dreams, the mafia and trampolining bears.G

10:30 pm 
Vicar of Dibley  "Celebrity Vicar"  Geraldine finds herself in the glare of publicity when articles appear in the press about Dibley's female vicar, and she is asked to be on a national radio show.G

11:00 pm 
My Hero  "Car"  A defrocked superhero cousin wants his powers back. George intercedes but restored powers and the Crown jewels are too much for the cousin.G

11:30 pm 
Are You Being Served?  "Shoulder to Shoulder"  The Gentlemen's Ready-to-Wear and Ladies' Separates & Underwear have to share counters when the decorations arrive.G

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April 19, 2012
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