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April 2, 2017
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12:30 am 
Music Voyager  "The New Medellin"  Despite its notoriety as the home of drug baron Pablo Escobar, Medellin is a modern, thriving city nestled in a scenic mountain valley. Host Jacob Edgar tours a local hip-hop school and community center in the Aranjuez neighborhood that provides a positive outlet for inner city youth. He also enjoys a virtuoso freestyle display by local hip-hop collective Crew Peligrosos, a private performance by reggaeton superstar J-Balvin in his luxurious penthouse apartment and a visit to El Cielo, one of Colombia's most inventive restaurants. D

1:00 am 
Blackfeet Encounter   In July 1806, Meriwether Lewis and another member of the Corps of Discovery killed two Blackfeet warriors and marked the only deadly clash between American Indians and the otherwise peaceful Lewis and Clark Expedition. The documentary also depicts the tragedies and challenges endured by the Blackfeet people during the 19th and 20th centuries, including intertribal fighting, massacres, starvation, unemployment, poverty and racism.G

2:00 am 
Zoo Quest In Colour   First broadcast in December 1954, Zoo Quest was one of the most popular television series of its time. It changed the way viewers saw the world and launched the career of the young David Attenborough as a wildlife presenter. Broadcast 10 years before colour television, Zoo Quest was thought to have been filmed in black and white. D

3:00 am 
Great Performances  "Dudamel Conducts Tangos Under the Stars with the LA Phil"  Sway to LA Phil Music Director Gustavo Dudamel at the Hollywood Bowl as he leads the orchestra in an evening of Latin music, including works by Alberto Ginastera, Astor Piazzolla and Lalo Schifrin. D

4:30 am 
Salsa! The Dance Sensation   Dubbed by many the most popular social dance in the world, it is practiced today by people of all ages, ethnicities, and cultures. In South Florida, this Latin-flavored dance, infused with Caribbean and African roots, is performed with distinct passion and artistry. From the nightclubs to the performance halls, from senior centers to salsa schools, the dance that began as a folk tradition has exploded into the mainstream. D

5:00 am 
Craft In America  "Industry"  From quilters and boat builders to jewelers, this episode explores the business of the handmade, going into workshops where artists are crafting the future and making contributions to the local and national economies. The program highlights the connection between the consumer and the maker and explores the value of exquisitely crafted handmade objects in today's economy.G

6:00 am 
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood  "How People Make Books/Mistaken Delivery"  Mister Rogers writes letters and erases the mistakes. Mr. McFeely brings the corrected Animal book that was shown the day before and a tape on HOW PEOPLE MAKE BOOKS and Quentin (real duck) visits. In Make-Believe, Audrey has for given but is upset that the king is making such a big fuss about her poem. D

6:30 am 
Curious George  "Georges Curious Dragon Dance/Bowling for Bobolinks"  George and Marco are excited to help their new friend Lily practice the dragon dance for the Chinese New Year parade! But when they accidentally ruin the nose on the dragon costume, it's a race against the clock to fix it in time. Can a monkey mend a dragon or will this New Years be out of luck? Monkeys LOVE bowling, especially when high scores raise money for their favorite songbird - the bobolink! But when George finds himself dodging runaway balls and flying shoes, he worries the charity event will be a bust. Could mixed-up bowling shoes be causing the chaos?. D

7:00 am 
Splash and Bubbles  "Tooth Treasure/Race Around The Reef"  The kids find a tooth lying in the sand outside the reef, and they are determined to return it to the owner, even when they find out it's a shark! / Splash and his friends have a race around the reef, and Splash wins by riding the currents instead of swimming. Bubbles and Dunk then want to know all about the currents so they too can race faster. D

7:30 am 
Dinosaur Train  "Dinosaur Train Submarine: A Sea Turtle Tale/Rocket Train"  Our Pteranodon family is on the beach watching small eggs hatch and baby Archelon turtles emerge, and start to swim away. Our family and Mr. Conductor get into the Dinosaur Train Submarine and follow the baby Archelons who discover their own facts of nature - that their mother doesn't stay with them after they're born, and that they will grow up to be giant-sized sea turtles. Tiny and Buddy find out that a newer train will be riding the same tracks as the Dinosaur Train. D

8:00 am 
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!  "Maps/Termite Towers"  Maps - Nick and Sally are pretending to be pirates. The Cat takes them on a real pirate adventure by following a treasure map! They use landmarks to find their way to a real pirate treasure: parchment paper and ink pens to make their own pirate maps! Termite Towers - Sally and Nick just can't seem to keep their block tower from toppling over. The Cat in the Hat takes them to meet some expert tower builders: the termites! After shrinking down to bug-size, they learn from Terry termite how to build a tower that won't wiggle and wobble. D

8:30 am 
Nature Cat  "Appily Ever After/Sound Off"  Appily Ever After - It's Fall! Apple picking season! But Hal wants to know - how did the apples get up in the trees? An apple fairy? A magic spell? The internet? And how long does it take? Long time? Short time? No time? So many questions! That reminds Nature Cat of his all-time favorite nature story, which will help answer all of Hal's apple questions. It's time to tell Nature Cat's version of Johnny Appleseed! Sound Off - Man-oh-man! What's that noise?! Daisy keeps hearing the most annoying beeping sound and it's coming from across the lake. The terrible sound is even upsetting the lake fish and if it doesn't stop soon, the fish could be in big trouble! Can Nature Cat and his pals find where the rogue sound is coming from and stop the boisterous blaring beeps? Onward and soundward!. D

9:00 am 
Bob the Builder  "After Dark"  PHILLIP'S SLEEPOVER While Bob and his team are building an underground car garage for Phillip at the Town Hall, Phillip sleeps in Bob's yard for the night with the rest of the machines. In the middle of the night, he accidentally scares an already intimidated Muck, who mistakes him for a ghost! In the commotion, the hydraulic jacks for the construction project are ruined. Muck comes up with an idea for how Bob and his team can get the garage finished before Mayor Snipe arrives. D

9:30 am 
Cyberchase  "Trading Places"  (topic: Money) - While attempting to rescue Dr. Marbles, the kids and Digit crash land on cybersite Nowhere, along with Hacker, Buzz and Delete. As a result of the crash, Hacker is shrunk, and Buzz and Delete become smart. In a race to rebuild their cybercraft and save Marbles, Digit and the kids learn to trade and barter and eventually create a monetary system. D

10:00 am 
Science Trek  "Zoology"  Zoologists study animals of all shapes and sizes. Zoologists help us understand how animals live and interact with the world. On this month's Science Trek, host Joan Cartan-Hansen and her guests will answer students' questions about zoology. Cartan-Hansen will be joined by Steve Burns, director of Zoo Boise and by Holly Holman, Zoo Boise's veterinarian. Viewers will also visit Zoo Boise and learn about its very special conservation program.G

10:30 am 
Idaho Reports   The Idaho Reports crew provides reporting and analysis of Idaho issues around the state and in Congress.G

11:30 am 
Consuelo Mack WealthTrack  "Personal Retirement Paycheck"  Guests: Steven Earhart, Owner, Devon Financial Partners, LLC; Jamie Hopkins, Associate Professor of Taxation, The American College of Financial Services. This week's Consuelo Mack WealthTrack features two retirement income specialists, Professor Jamie Hopkins and financial advisor Steven Earhart, who explain how to create your own paycheck in retirement. D

12:00 pm 

12:30 pm 
Washington Week   NULL

1:00 pm 
Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer  "Florida Palms"  Sarah visits the woodworking shop at the Jack Richeson Company in WI where over one hundred styles of fine artists easels are manufactured. The company president describes the process and shows where each easel and taboret is handmade of oak. Back in his studio Roger uses oils on canvas to paint a large tropical Florida landscape featuring palm trees and native shrubbery. D

1:30 pm 
Sewing with Nancy  "Doodle Stitching, Part 3"  Instead of using pen and paper, use your sewing machine and colorful thread as your tools for doodling. There's no right or wrong way to Doodle Stitch. Rather, let the creative process be your guide. D

2:00 pm 
Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting  "Cactus Blooms"  Emily Bailey's fresh, bright, fat-quarter friendly quilt, Cactus Blooms, is a Fons & Porter staff favorite. Inspired by a little vintage quilt, the design is a wonderful pattern for exploring color placement, and using sashing to create a "floating" effect. Emily and host Sara Gallegos team up to teach some fabulous patchwork techniques. D

2:30 pm 
P. Allen Smith's Garden Home  "The Best of Garden Home: Cooking"  Join P. Allen Smith for a trip down memory lane as he revisits his favorite cooking segments from seasons past. D

3:00 pm 
Woodsmith Shop  "Serving In Style"  Key techniques for creating an elegant serving tray are featured in Details of Craftsmanship. Then learn about the basics of building drawers. D

3:30 pm 
This Old House  "Detroit Rebuilding Motor City"  A new series begins in Detroit, Michigan, where terms like "bankrupt" and "deserted" are out and "revitalization" is in. Meet the Polks, who plan to renovate an abandoned home themselves. After a full tour of the house, work begins on the leaky roof. D

4:00 pm 
Ask This Old House  "Kentucky Lawn, Chandelier"  Bluegrass and beyond - Roger travels to Kentucky for tips on lawn care. Watch Scott raise a homeowner's spirits and her chandelier by installing a motorized lift. It can be a puzzling tool, but Tom pieces together a tutorial on the jigsaw. D

4:30 pm 
GardenSMART   What is a "classical garden," and what might we as gardeners learn from this gardening style? Good questions. GardenSMART visits a remarkable garden and gardener who show us why this garden is considered a national treasure. Be sure to tune in. D

5:00 pm 
Dialogue  "Pico Iyer, Travel Writer: Conversations from the Sun Valley Writers' Conference"  Host Marcia Franklin talks with the former Time magazine reporter and author at the Sun Valley Writers' Conference. Iyer, who has just completed a book on the Dalai Lama called The Open Road, talks about his travels and writings.G

5:30 pm 

6:00 pm 
PBS NewsHour Weekend  "Brexit Jitters In Gibraltar"  This week the British Prime Minister Theresa May initiated the formal legal process of exiting the United Kingdom from the European Union. While some parts of the UK, like Scotland and Northern Ireland, might like a do-over of last year's referendum, British citizens living in other parts of Europe also are worried how Brexit will change their daily lives. One of those places is Gibraltar, a three-square-mile territory attached to Spain that has been under British rule since 1704. D

6:30 pm 
This Wild Life  "Elephant S.O.S."  The family's first few weeks running a safari camp in a rugged outpost on northern Kenya's frontier has been a roller coaster ride. Now the real test begins. The rainy season hits Samburu National Reserve. As a rogue flash flood hits camp, Saba races to protect the camp and the animals. In the reserve, a mother elephant and her young calf are in trouble.G

7:00 pm 
Outdoor Idaho  "Birders, Banders & Binoculars"  They can be fierce predators and some of the gentlest of creatures. Some are rare, others are quite common; but they all have the power to bewitch and bedazzle. Birds live in a world that for us is the stuff of dreams and wonder. We take to the field to celebrate birds and the people who study, care for, and watch them.G

7:30 pm 
Oregon Field Guide  "Oregon Prison Sagebrush Program"  We follow prisoners at the Snake River Correctional Institution as they grow and transplant specially selected sagebrush seeds to assist the BLM in future eastern Oregon restoration efforts. And the beauty and sounds of Oregon - a visual celebration from around the state - under the stars at Oregon's Star Party, at the great Steam Up in Brooks, Oregon, blooming gardens and frozen lakes!. D

8:00 pm 
Call The Midwife  "(S6 E1)"  The team reunites, but all is not well when a change of management shocks Nonnatus House to the core. Sister Mary Cynthia's health takes an unexpected turn as mental illness threatens to derail her. D

9:00 pm 
Home Fires Season 2 On Masterpiece  "(S2 E1)"  It's June 1940, and Britain faces the threat of imminent invasion. Pat strikes up a friendship with a Czech soldier stationed nearby. Sarah receives some shocking news about Adam, but her sorrow is overshadowed by a tragedy for Frances.G

10:00 pm 
Wolf Hall On Masterpiece  "Episode One"  Based on the novel Wolf Hall by English author Hilary Mantel, this drama chronicles the rise of Thomas Cromwell from obscurity to adviser to Henry VIII. Cromwell is at first adviser to Cardinal Wolsey, who, failing to secure the annulment of King Henry's marriage to Katherine of Aragon, is soon stripped of his powers. Wolsey's hope of returning to the king's favor lies with the ever-loyal Cromwell. Part 1 of 7G

11:09 pm 
Hinterland  "Night Music - Part 1"  The body of Idris Williams is discovered at a lonely farm. The investigation into the death of the 69-year-old victim uncovers a brutal past.G

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April 2, 2017
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