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September 21, 2013
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7:00 am 
Sesame Street  "Latino Festival"  There's a street festival on Sesame Street celebrating Spanish culture and language. Educational Objective: Self-Regulation. D

8:00 am 
Curious George  "Curious George's Home for Pigeons/Out of Order"  Curious George's Home for Pigeons - Compass may be a homing pigeon but sometimes he has trouble finding his way home. Out of Order - When George sees a very nice lady leaving packages behind everywhere she goes, he figures she must be very forgetful.G

8:30 am 
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!  "Night Lights/Go Snails Go!"  Night Lights - Nick and Sally are making shadow puppets with the Cat in the Hat, but the batteries in the flashlight have gone out! They jump into the Thingamajigger and shrink down to visit the fireflies that live in the backyard. There they learn that the fireflies communicate by flashing their lights. And when the fireflies provide the light the kids need, the shadow puppet show can continue! Go Snails Go! - Nick, Sally and the Cat have been invited along on a snail expedition! They jump into the Thingamajigger and shrink down to meet up with Lewis and Clark, the two snails leading the way! As they travel through the forest of Slippity-Goo, having fun sliding in their own shells, the kids learn about all the different ways snails use their shells. D

9:00 am 
Super Why!  "Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The Mystery"  There's a mystery in Storybrook Village - the case of the broken guitar strings! Jack thinks Whyatt is the culprit, but he knows he's innocent! The Super Readers fly into the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and meet up with Goldilocks, who is just as determined to prove that she didn't make the mess in the Three Bears' house! What will it take for Goldilocks, and Whyatt, to convince everyone they're telling the truth? Educational Objectives: To learn strategies for convincing someone, explore the practice the magic of spelling, and use the power to read to change the story. D

9:30 am 
Dinosaur Train  "An Apatosaurus Adventure/Nature Art"  The Pteranodon kids visit the Jurassic Time Period to meet Apollo Apatosaurus, a huge, long-necked, long-tailed dinosaur who likes adventure. Apollo loves to whip his long tail, and does so as he leads the kids on a pretend adventure to find a hard-to-reach tree with yummy, delicious leaves! Mrs. Pteranodon cleans out the clutter from the family nest and the kids are amazed at the pile of stuff - leaves, flower petals, pieces of wood, and shells. Tiny stops Mom from throwing out all the stuff, determined that she and Buddy, Tiny, and Don will find a use for it all. D

10:00 am 
The Electric Company  "The Limerick Slam"  Jessica and Manny compete in the annual Limerick Slam. D

10:30 am 
Wild Kratts  "Flight of the Draco"  While on a mission to discover the secret of the Draco lizard's gliding abilities, Martin and Chris uncover an evil plot by fashion designer, Donita Donata. She has been capturing these amazing creatures with a plan to make them part of her new Fall collection. It's the Wild Kratts team to the rescue! Science Concept: Gliding, Gravity. D

11:00 am 
WordWorld  "There's An Ant In Every Giant/Chef Sheep"  There's an Ant in Every Giant - When Ant grows tired of being the smallest WordFriend in Word World, he adds a G-I to his tiny frame and changes from ANT to GIANT. However, he soon realizes that he can be Word World's biggest hero when he's just tiny Ant. Chef Sheep - When Pig gets a bowl stuck on his face, Sheep must take over his cooking show. D

11:30 am 
WordGirl  "Meat with a Side of Cute/Mr. Big Words"  Meat with a Side of Cute - Tired of being defeated by WordGirl, the Butcher enlists the unlikely ally of an adorable kitten - hoping to conquer WG with cuteness. Mr. Big Words - WordGirl is busier than ever when Mr Big invents a ray that causes everyone in town to use big, complicated words. D

12:00 pm 
Outdoor Idaho  "A Middle Fork Journey"  OUTDOOR IDAHO explores 100 miles of the free-flowing Middle Fork of the Salmon. Cameras follow rafters, on both guided and independent trips, who meet the challenges of the river, experience the changing scenery, and encounter wildlife. The show also explores the surrounding countryside, considers the effects of fire, and reports on a dramatic logjam.G

12:30 pm 
Pati's Mexican Table  "Tacos, Tacos, Tacos"  This episode explores three very different, very authentic and very simple twists on Mexican tacos, one of Mexico's most iconic foods. Bricklayer-Style Beef Tacos; Lime-Rubbed Chicken Tacos with Corn Guacamole; Adobo Fish Tacos with Grilled Pineapple Salsa. D

1:00 pm 
Katie Brown Workshop  "A Spring Celebration"  Put some spring in your step, and your next brunch, with fun and easy projects designed to welcome both the season and good friends. Recipes: herb focaccia bread and turkey bacon egg frittatas. Projects: a nest-inspired place card and two ways to use roses on a table. D

1:30 pm 
Paint This with Jerry Yarnell  "Sydney, Part 2"  At this point, Jerry shows how to use a white conte pencil to sketch in the Heron - explaining anatomical features - then which colors, brushes needed for under-painting the Heron and intermediate details. Bonus Feature: Repairing a damaged canvas, Step 2. D

2:00 pm 
Essential Pepin  "Light As Air"  Meringue Shells With Chantilly Cream; Macaroons; Chocolate Roll; Chocolate Souffle Cake With Raspberry Sauce. D

2:30 pm 
On Story  "A Conversation with Damon Lindelof, Co-Creator of Lost and Co-writer/Producer STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS"  Damon Lindelof discusses his hand in some of the most celebrated and scrutinized works of science fiction over the past five years, and how much of their success is attributed to writing stories that leave a lot up to one's imagination. Followed by Martin Rosete's allegorical short film, VOICE OVER, about a few extreme situations that literally take your breath away. D

3:00 pm 
Dialogue  "Livable Communities"  Host Marcia Franklin talks with Robert McNulty, the founder of Partners for Livable Communities, about what makes communities "livable."G

3:30 pm 
MotorWeek   2014 Road Tests: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Toyota Tundra. D

4:00 pm 
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated  "A Taste of Spain"  Host Christopher Kimball goes into the kitchen with test cook Bridget Lancaster to learn the secrets to making perfect Catalan-Style Beef Stew with Mushrooms. Then, tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Chris to a tasting of spaghetti. Finally, test cook Julia Collin Davison shows Chris how to make classic Spanish-Style Toasted Pasta with Shrimp. D

4:30 pm 
Crafting at the Spotted Canary  "Things That Shimmer"  Who knew glitter could be so much fun, used in so many places and in so many different ways? A touch of glitter will make you happy - and working with glitter does result in a shimmering smile! Learn how to apply glitter using wet and dry adhesives as well as how to mix glitters to create designs with depth and dimension, on today's show. D

5:00 pm 
Antiques Roadshow  "Grand Rapids, MI - Hour One"  The show visits the Gilmore Car Museum to view a collection of more than 1,500 hood ornaments. At the convention center, highlights include a letter from Grand Rapids native son Gerald Ford written to his former kindergarten teacher, and a Hudson River School painting by Jasper Cropsey, valued up to $300,000.G

6:00 pm 
Music City Roots: Live from the Loveless Cafe   The nationally respected and dynamic music scene of East Nashville is in the spotlight, with songwriters Jon Byrd, Jacob Jones, Kevin Gordon and Elizabeth Cook. Plus sibling roots pop duo Dugas. D

7:00 pm 
Austin City Limits  "Gary Clark Jr./Alabama Shakes"  Modern blues and soul are featured in the two performances. Clark showcases his major label debut, while Alabama Shakes spotlight their critically acclaimed Boys & Girls.G

8:00 pm 
Broadway Or Bust  "Boot Camp"  The young performers launch headlong into rehearsals, coaching and coaxing sessions with one week to prepare for auditions and the awards ceremony. They fight fatigue and get an eye-opening look at what life is like on Broadway, experiencing both progress and setbacks. The episode closes as they dig into last-minute preparations for their auditions. Part 2 of 3G

9:00 pm 
Great Performances  "The Hollow Crown: Richard II"  King Richard (Ben Whishaw) is called upon to settle a dispute between his cousin Henry Bolingbroke (Rory Kinnear) and Thomas Mowbray (James Purefoy). Richard calls for a duel but then halts it just before swords clash. Both men are banished from the realm.G

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September 21, 2013
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