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June 24, 2012
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12:16 am 
Austin City Limits  "Lyle Lovett/Bob Schneider"  This is the final show taped in Studio 6A, the original home of AUSTIN CITY LIMITS, before the series begins taping the next season from the new Moody Theater in the heart of downtown Austin. Lovett, who first appeared on the show in 1985 as a backup singer with Nanci Griffith, has returned to the show a dozen times since then.G

1:00 am 
Nature  "Superfish"  The billfish - marlin, sailfish, spearfish and swordfish - slice through the water's surface with explosive power. Their ocean journeys are epic, their life cycle, bizarre. Filmmaker and biologist Rick Rosenthal reveals the stories of these half-ton sea creatures.G

2:00 am 
Frontline  "Digital Nation"  Over a single generation, the Web and digital media have remade nearly every aspect of modern culture, transforming the way we work, learn, and connect in ways that we're only beginning to understand. FRONTLINE producer Rachel Dretzin (Growing up Online) teams up with one of the leading thinkers of the digital age, Douglas Rushkoff (The Persuaders, Merchants of Cool), to continue to explore life on the virtual frontier. The film is the product of a unique collaboration with visitors to the Digital Nation Web site, who for the past year have been able to react to the work in progress and post their own stories online. D

3:00 am 
MI-5   With help from Home Secretary William Towers, Harry returns to work on a provisional basis after being on leave because of trading a state secret for Ruth's safety. Now Towers tells Harry that his Russian opposite, Llya Gavrik, has been smuggled into England along with his wife, Elena, a former asset of Harry's. Gavrik is proposing a partnership between Russia and the United Kingdom without the Americans knowing. Then Section D learns of a kill order by the Chechens on Gavrik.G

4:00 am 
William and Mary   Molly steps up her bid to get back her home. William falls victim to a bereaved father's anger. Mary gets her job back.G

5:00 am 
Space Age: Nasa's Story  "Tragedy"  The white knuckle suspense thriller of Apollo 13's famous near-disaster is only a prelude to darker moments ahead. After the Shuttle Challenger disaster, all missions are halted with NASA's future in question. But the shuttle returns for 15 years of successful missions before disaster recurs with the loss of Columbia.G

6:00 am 
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood  "How People Make Books/Mistaken Delivery"  Mister Rogers writes letters and erases the mistakes. Mr. McFeely brings the corrected Animal book that was shown the day before and a tape on HOW PEOPLE MAKE BOOKS and Quentin (real duck) visits. In Make-Believe, Audrey has for given but is upset that the king is making such a big fuss about her poem. D

6:30 am 
Curious George  "Night of the Weiner Dog/Animal Trackers"  Hundley has strict demands when he stays in George's room. George takes pictures of wild animals.G

7:00 am 
Wild Kratts  "Kerhonk"  When Martin's and Chris' Creature Power Suits unexpectedly get jammed in Proboscis monkey mode and the top monkey of the troop is injured protecting a youngster from a crocodile, the Kratt brothers find themselves stepping into the injured monkey's role. While Aviva nurses the monkey back to health, Chris and Martin must keep the troop together and soon discover the important communication function of the proboscis monkeys strangest feature - his huge, droopy, bulbous nose! They uncover some of the different methods animals utilize to communicate important information to each other. D

7:30 am 
Peep and the Big Wide World/Pocoyo  "There's No Place Like Home/Flipping Newton/Pocoyo - Baby Bird Sitting"  Quack sets out to prove that HIS pond is the best and biggest pond in all the world. How do you unflip a turtle? (It's not as easy as you might think!) Then, when Sleepy Bird has to pop out for a while, Pato and Pocoyo baby-sit. D

8:00 am 
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!  "Super Cleaner Uppers/Itty Bitty Water"  Seaweed Superhero - Nick and Sally are cleaning up the backyard when they come across a yucky apple core. Who's going to pick it up? The Cat in the Hat takes them to meet the best cleaner-upper there is, Sandy the Sand Hopper! Sandy teaches them the difference between natural "garbage" and man-made trash, and how some animals use the natural garbage as food. Back at home, they put the trash in a garbage bag, and the apple core in the garden for Wriggles the worm to enjoy! Itty Bitty Water - Nick and Sally are about to dump out the water in their kiddie pool when The Cat stops them - water is too precious to waste even a drop! Off they go to the Drippety Dry Desert to meet three creatures who are experts at conserving water. D

8:30 am 
Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps  "Angelina's Sleepover/Angelina's Noisy, Messy Lunchtime"  Angelina's Sleepover - Angelina, Vici, and Gracie are preparing for the Silly Hat Carnival. The night before, they convince Mum to let them have a sleepover so they'll have more time to finish making their hats. They have a great time, but don't do much sleeping, and end up missing an important morning rehearsal for a big ballet performance. D

9:00 am 
Bob the Builder  "Developing Confidence"  Scratch's Hidden Treasures - It's Scratch's first day, and he's a bit scared - he wants to fit in! Today they are helping by working on the Fixham Museum gardens. However, instead of giving Scratch a job to do, Bob asks him to watch everyone else - you can learn a lot from watching! Scratch spends the day watching the other machines but still isn't satisfied - he wants to do something! He decides to practice digging by himself. While digging Scratch's bucket hits something! He's found treasure! Concentrating hard, Scratch remembers everything he's learned from watching the other machines and manages to dig up the great treasure! Scratch is really pleased and admits that Bob was right - he did learn a lot from watching! Lofty and the Monster - Bob and the team are rebuilding an old shack on the beach and transforming it into a surf school with Brad Rad, the awesome new surf instructor. D

9:30 am 
Franny's Feet  "Nat The Yak/The Big Race"  A) Franny's travels to Tibet, where she meets Rinchen, a young girl and her herd of yaks. Rinchen must find a way to keep her herd together. When Franny meets Nat, a talkative young yak, she convinces him to talk the other yaks back into the herd. D

10:00 am 
Thomas & Friends  "Best Times!"  Sir Topham Hatt announces that the library is holding a special story time for all the children. He needs an engine to deliver the storybooks. Thomas is so excited that he has been chosen for the special that he doesn't wait to for the books to be tied in place. D

10:30 am 
Dialogue  "Good Summer Reading 2012"  Marcia Franklin interviews authors Kim Barnes and Tim Cahill, who discuss their own work and writing styles, and recommend books for long summer days. Other favorite reading choices for summer have been submitted by viewers. Barnes is a University of Idaho English professor and author of five books. Cahill is a founding editor of Outside Magazine and author of 10 books.G

11:00 am 
BBC Newsnight   NULL

11:30 am 
Consuelo Mack WealthTrack  "Great Investors: Robert Kleinschmidt"  Guest: Robert Kleinschmidt, President, CEO, Tocqueville Asset Management; Portfolio Manager, Tocqueville Fund. This week's Consuelo Mack WealthTrack features an exclusive interview with "Great Investor" Robert Kleinschmidt. The Tocqueville Fund's self-described "authority resistant, independent thinker" reveals where his contrarian, value approach is leading him to invest now. D

12:00 pm 
To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe   Immigration Wave: Asians have surpassed Hispanics as the largest group of new immigrants to the US. Panelists discuss the economic significance of this influx, reasons for the slowdown in illegal immigration, and consequences of outsourcing our high-tech skilled workers. Forty Years of Title IX: This year marks the 40th anniversary of Title IX, designed to end gender discrimination in education and school sports. D

12:30 pm 

1:00 pm 
Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer  "Portland Head Lighthouse"  Spend the day at one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world, Maine's Portland Head Lighthouse. Sarah speaks with the museum director and looks at some artifacts. Roger finds a good view to paint the famous lighthouse structure. D

1:30 pm 
Sew It All  "Divine A-Line-Peach Carr, Project Runway season 8 contestant"  Peach makes an A-line skirt pattern and uses a serger for simple construction. D

2:00 pm 
Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting  "Basic Binding Boot Camp"  Marianne and Mary demonstrate how to make French fold binding, attach the binding to your project, make perfect corners, and create lumpless binding. D

2:30 pm 
Hometime  "Stone Cottage - Storage"  The HOMETIME crew installs cabinets and hanging storage for the garage and the workshop. D

3:00 pm 
Woodsmith Shop  "Sliding Door Cabinet"  The delicate molding details catch your eye, but it's the unique sliding doors that set this cabinet apart. Learn the techniques for building flawless-fitting sliding doors as the Woodsmith editors build this classic cabinet.G

3:30 pm 
This Old House  "Bedford Project, Part 12 of 16"  General contractor Tom Silva and master carpenter Norm Abram install the massive decorative timbers in the new family room. Meanwhile, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows host Kevin O'Connor the location for the new A/C condenser and how to set it on a prefabricated concrete mounting pad. Then, Norm visits the Parson Capen House in Topsfield, Massachusetts - a house similar to the Bedford house from 1683 that's been largely unaltered over the years. D

4:00 pm 
Ask This Old House  "Installing a Battery Back-up Sump Pump; Fixing a Rusty Metal Railing"  Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey travels to Philadelphia to install a battery back-up sump pump. Then Richard, along with host Kevin O'Connor, landscape contractor Roger Cook and general contractor Tom Silva, asks, "What Is It?" Afterward, Tom fixes a rusty metal railing on a set of front steps. And Kevin shares a tip about how to store a wheelbarrow. D

4:30 pm 
Growing a Greener World  "Thomas Jefferson & Monticello - A True Organic Gardener in Action"  To gardeners, Thomas Jefferson holds a special place of honor. The gardens at Monticello were a botanic laboratory of ornamental and useful plants from around the world. As an avid plantsman and gardener, Mr. Jefferson kept detailed records over many years of his horticultural discoveries, plant exchanges with friends around Europe as well as his successes and failures when it came to his own gardening and farming practices at Monticello. D

5:00 pm 
Moyers & Company  "How Big Banks Victimize Our Democracy"  JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's appearances in the last two weeks before Congressional committees -- many members of which received campaign contributions from the megabank -- beg the question: For how long and in how many ways are average Americans going to pay the price for big bank hubris, with our own government acting as accomplice? On this week's Moyers & Company, Rolling Stone editor Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith, creator of the finance and economics blog Naked Capitalism, discuss the folly and corruption of both banks and government, and how that tag-team leaves deep wounds in our democracy. Taibbi's latest piece is "The Scam Wall Street Learned from the Mafia." Smith is the author of ECONned: How Unenlightened Self Interest Undermined Democracy and Corrupted Capitalism. D

6:00 pm 
William and Mary   Rick tries to find the right opportunity to tell Mary about his relationship with Molly. William's mother dies and he is shocked to discover the extent of her wealth. And Mary's ex-partner unexpectedly turns up on her doorstep.G

7:00 pm 
Outdoor Idaho  "Oldtime Fiddlers"  Idaho's Danita Hartz prepares to defend her National Grand Champion title at the 2001 National Old Time Fiddlers Contest in Weiser. Meanwhile, she helps two students, ages 5 and 8, fiddle their way into the top ranks.G

7:30 pm 
Oregon Field Guide  "Balloon Archaeology/Biscuit Fire 10 Years Later/Collier Glacier"  Archaeologists with access to a helium balloon and remote controlled camera gain a clear view of Oregon's stone circles that resemble the medicine wheels in Wyoming. When the 500,000-acre Biscuit fire burned through research plots, it enabled a rare scientific look at life before and after a forest fire.G

8:00 pm 
Garrow's Law   Garrow takes on the case of a prostitute accused of murdering a client. Garrow's relationshp with his mentor, John Southouse, is still strained until a desperate Mary Hamer arrives in Southouse's office, begging Garrow to defend her husband. John Hamer has been languishing in Newgate Prison for months without being charged after being arrested on suspicion of sedition.G

9:00 pm 
Masterpiece Mystery!  "Zen: Ratking"  When a wealthy industrialist and political party funder is kidnapped, Zen is assigned to get the hostage back alive at any cost. The kidnappers kill the lawyer who shows up with a ransom payment from the family. In kidnapping-plagued Italy, it is illegal to pay a ransom - an issue Zen must skirt while dealing with bickering relatives, who believe their wealth puts them above the law.G

10:30 pm 
New Tricks   Police detective Sandra Pullman must swallow her pride and make a success of a new unit, the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS), with a team of three retired former detectives who are slow to accept new police strategies. The unit's first case is a brutal 1987 murder of a young police woman, whom Pullman knew when both were in training.G

11:30 pm 
Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope  "Southern Ethiopia - Tribal Lands and Primeval People"  In the Rift Valley, Joseph becomes acquainted with the fishermen, birds, crocodiles and hippos at two lakes. Then he crosses into the Lower Omo Valley where he encounters the Konso, Hamer and Mursi people.G

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June 24, 2012
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