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July 28, 2012
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2:30 am 
Official Best of Fest  "Fathers & Daughters"  Our hosts Rick Stevenson and Dr. Brandon Whitehead (aka the silent critic) take us to Ireland with DANCE LEXIE DANCE where a girl's love for dance tests her grieving father and then to Australia to spend a day out with dad in LOOKING GOOD. D

3:00 am 
Garrow's Law   Garrow is in the dock defending his honor and future. Silvester suspends the old animosities to defend Garrow in court knowing the high-profile case brings him into the spotlight.G

4:00 am 
Conquistadors with Michael Wood  "The Fall of the Aztecs"  British historian Michael Wood traces the steps of Herman Cortes from a small island off Mexico's coast to the heart of the Aztec empire. Wood seeks answers as to how Cortes' band of 500 could overthrow an empire. Part 1 of 4G

5:00 am 
Story of India  "Spice Routes & Silk Roads"  Discover the Roman Empire's greatest trading port in India and the forgotten empire of the Kushans. Part 3 of 6G

6:00 am 
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly   Vatican Nuns Controversy - Fifty years ago this fall, Pope John XXIII convened a series of meetings in Rome known as the Second Vatican Council, which produced significant changes in Catholic life. But the legacy of Vatican II is still debated. Kim Lawton reports on how that debate has played a role in the current crisis between the Vatican and many US nuns. D

6:30 am 

7:00 am 
Second Opinion  "Bipolar Disorder"  Once called manic depression, bipolar disorder is a mental illness caused by a chemical change in the brain. People who suffer from this disease often have unusual mood changes, energy shifts, and difficulty with daily activities. Dramatic symptoms can result in loss of jobs, relationships, and even suicide. D

7:30 am 
Essential Pepin  "All Puffed Up"  Sugared Puff Paste Sticks; Fast Puff Pastry; Crystallized Puff Paste Of Orange; Choux A La Creme; Chocolate Paris-Brest Cake. D

8:00 am 
Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen  "Fire Away (Getting Started)"  Jump-start your next party with a quartet of pass-arounds hot off the grill. The episode leads off with a twist on a pu-pu platter classic: Pancetta-Grilled Diver Scallop Rumaki. Next up in the starter category, Summer Sausage S'mores, think-out-of-the-box grilled sandwiches topped with cheese and jalapenos. D

8:30 am 
Simply Ming  "Maitake Mushrooms and Italian Basil"  Guest Chef: Daniel Bruce. Japan and Italy provide Ming's master pair. Maitake mushrooms and Italian basil are two pantry regulars that are fast becoming favorites. D

9:00 am 
The Jazzy Vegetarian  "5-Ingredients Or Less"  Host Laura Theodore prepares quick recipes that require only 5-ingredients or less! "Easy Black Bean Casserole" is served with a crunchy and sweet "Carrot and Maple-Walnut Salad." For starters, tantalizing "Tortilla Oven 'Fried' Mushrooms" take the stage. Need a quick dessert or snack? "No-Cook Peanut Butter Cookies" fill the bill for a sweet and crunchy bite!. D

9:30 am 
New Scandinavian Cooking  "West Coast of Norway: All Is Well - If There Is Herring"  Host Andreas Viestad travels along the West coast of Norway, an area settled around the rich herring fisheries. Inspired by history, Andreas demonstrates how to make Scandinavian-style herring. D

10:00 am 
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen  "Southern Classics"  Bridget shows Chris how to make the ultimate Gumbo. Then, Jack challenges Chris to a tasting of long-grain white rice. And finally, Julia updates a lost recipe and shows Chris how to make Lane Cake. D

10:30 am 
Cuisine Culture  "Pascal Aussignac, London"  Pascal Aussignac takes us on a culinary adventure in England and right through the backdoor of his Michelin-rated restaurant. This is a French-British invasion where we explore the explosion factor of cheeses and charcuterie. Viewers also get to recreate some of Pascal's recipes from his best selling cookbook, such as Red Mullet with Quinoa and "Gascon Mess," his ode to Meringue and Berries. D

11:00 am 
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated  "Rise and Shine Breakfast"  Host Christopher Kimball discusses the science behind scrambled eggs with science expert Guy Crosby. Then, test cook Becky Hays uncovers the secrets to perfect Scrambled Eggs. Next, equipment expert Adam Ried reviews the best toaster ovens in the Equipment Corner. D

11:30 am 
Scrapbook Memories  "Celebrations"  Scrapbooking often revolves around a celebration - a birthday, wedding, and anniversary. It makes sense to not only create pages to commemorate those events but also use paper supplies to actually create the party - making things like banners, table decorations and more. First, Julianna Hudgins shares her own party theme. D

12:00 pm 
Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art  "Return to Days of Old, Part 1"  Jerry sketches in the basic landscape establishing seven value systems, and then, focuses on perspective. Part 1 of 4G

12:30 pm 
Pedal America  "From Liquor Bottle to Water Bottle - Chicago, Illinois"  Ira David pedals along The Windy City's magnificent lakefront and downtown neighborhoods to show why Chicago is consistently ranked among the top five bicycling towns in North America. Stops include Museum Campus, Soldier Field, and the Lookingglass Theatre Company. Also, meet one Chicago resident, a former chain smoker and alcoholic, who traded in his liquor bottles for water bottles when he discovered the benefits of bicycling. D

1:00 pm 
This Old House  "Barrington Project, Part 1 of 10"  The THIS OLD HOUSE crew opens the Barrington, Rhode Island, project aboard the motor sailor Liberty bound for the Ocean State via scenic Narragansett Bay. On Barrington Beach, homeowner Geoff Allen shows master carpenter Norm Abram and host Kevin O'Connor why they bought their 1925 modified cape - not for its 1950s and 1970s-era additions, but for the outstanding location. Inside, his wife, Michelle Forcier, shows Kevin that the kitchen has not been remodeled in decades, and how they hope to remove everything that is outdated and open up the new space to the beautiful water views. D

1:30 pm 
Ask This Old House  "Reusing Water from a Washing Machine; Maintaining Small Gasoline Engines"  Host Kevin O'Connor and landscape contractor Roger Cook examine ways to save water when irrigating. Meanwhile, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey heads to San Francisco to install an irrigation system that reuses water from a washing machine. Back in the loft, Richard shows Kevin some toilets that are also designed for hand washing. D

2:00 pm 
American Woodshop  "Finish Carpentry Chair Rails and Panels"  Custom woodworking ideas for every home. D

2:30 pm 
Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac  "Potting Station"  The final project in season two of Rough Cut is a Potting Station, perfect for any outdoor gardening space. To gather inspiration for the project, Tommy heads on a Rough Cut Road Trip to the Massachusetts Horticultural Association in Wellesley, Massachusetts, where gardens curator David Fiske shows Tommy what is needed for the perfect potting station. Back in the shop, Tommy is joined by friend and fellow woodworker Al D'Attanasio. D

3:00 pm 
MotorWeek  "$25k Compact Crossover Shootout"  Road Test: $25K Compact Crossover Shootout. Road Test: 2012 Fisker Karma. Goss' Garage: Electronic Add-ons. D

3:30 pm 
America's Heartland   Farm researchers in Illinois use smart phones to battle world hunger. One California firm brings in a glowing white crop of.salt. D

4:00 pm 
NOVA  "The Fabric of the Cosmos - Quantum Leap"  Host Brian Greene takes a wild ride into the weird realm of quantum physics, which governs the universe on the tiniest of scales. Greene visits a nightclub where objects pop in and out of existence, affecting things they do not touch. While quantum physics appears counterintuitive, it has launched the technologies of computers and cell phones. Part 3 of 4G

5:00 pm 
Antiques Roadshow  "Vintage Pittsburgh"  A return visit to the Steel City features such bright new discoveries as a gold, silver and ruby bracelet whose value has increased from $6,000 during the show's previous visit in 1997 to a current value of $10,000 to $12,000, while the worth of a handsome Victorian sideboard has crumbled from $12,000 to $15,000 in '97 to current appraisals of $5,000 to $8,000.G

6:00 pm 
Priceless Antiques Roadshow   The specialists reveal how they deal with unidentifiable mystery objects. Furniture expert Lennox Cato goes back to his roots in Brighton.G

6:30 pm 
Rick Steves' Europe  "Iran's Historic Capitals"  Rick explores three former capitals: Persepolis and its monuments; Shiraz with tombs of nationally loved poets; and Esfahan with its extraordinary mosques.G

7:00 pm 
The Lawrence Welk Show  "From Polkas to Classics"  The show opens with the "Pennsylvania Polka." The Lennon Sisters follow with "Serenade of the Bells." Bobby and Cissy dance to "Andalucia." Natalie Nevins sings "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria."G

8:00 pm 
Are You Being Served?  "By Appointment"  There is to be a Royal walkabout in the district and the distinguished guests may actually visit Grace Brothers.G

8:30 pm 
Keeping Up Appearances - The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket   Hyacinth borrows a holiday cottage in the country and immediately begins planning a small barbecue.G

9:00 pm 
As Time Goes By  "The Cruise"  Back from a country weekend with Lionel, Jean is annoyed at Judy's insinuations about the relationship with Lionel, who makes things worse with an invitation to join him on a cruise.G

9:30 pm 
Outnumbered   Karen, 6, mourns the death of a mouse killed in a trap. Ben, 8, stands for election as class representative using questionable tactics. Older brother Jake brings a girl home for tea.G

10:00 pm 
The Red Green Show  "Twinning"  Possum Lodge twins with the state of Iowa. Red stays back to host the 500 visiting Americans.G

10:30 pm 
My Family  "Dutch Art and Dutch Courage"  Michael is devastated when he fails his driving test. To cheer him up Susan suggests Ben drive him to his university interview. Ben agrees only to watch Susan drive off with her attractive boss on an art-buying trip.G

11:00 pm 
Doctor Who - Specials  "End of Time - Part 1"  In the last story for David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, it is Christmas Eve and the Doctor is reunited with Wilf to face the return of an old enemy, the Master. The battle ranges from the wastelands of London to the mysterious Immortality Gate, while the Alien Ood warn of an even greater approaching. Part 1 of 2G

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July 28, 2012
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