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February 4, 2012
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2:30 am 
Unfinished Nation  "The Lure of Land"  English interest in colonization hindered by Civil War and rise of Oliver Cromwell; resumes under Charles II. Expanded list of immigrants find home in middle colonies. Agricultural interests take hold in Carolinas and Georgia. James II attempts to exert greater control over colonies, parliament, and European neighbors; overthrown in Glorious Revolution. Colonies exerting more independence, becoming more diverse.G

3:00 am 
Unfinished Nation  "A New Corporate Order"  Explosion of U. S. industry after Civil War, and factors which motivate unprecedented growth. Power and wealth amassed by corporate magnates. Recruitment of labor force. Women and children in the workforce. Workers attempts to organize for better wages and working conditions. Measures used to stifle worker discontent.G

3:30 am 
Unfinished Nation  "The Age of the City"  Industrialization shifts economic power and population to cities. Increase in immigration and ethnic neighborhoods; nativist reaction. City planning and infrastructure; urban transportation. Housing for wealthy, middle class, poor families. Threat of poverty, fire, disease. Growth of political machines, bossism. Consumerism. New leisure pastimes.G

4:00 am 
Human Condition  "State of Mind"  This episode discusses the epidemiology of mental disorders and explains the more promising treatment approaches now emerging to help individuals enhance their psychological health. It follows the cases of a woman who suffers from depression.G

4:30 am 
Human Condition  "Lives In Balance"  This episode discusses stress reduction as a means of improving individual health, and explores a variety of stress reduction approaches that can help people control their emotional and physical responses to the stress of daily living.G

5:00 am 
Earth Revealed: Introductory Geology  "Earth's Interior"  Demonstrates how seismic waves occur and explains the measurement of gravity, heat flow, and earth magnetism, to provide information about Earth's interior.G

5:30 am 
Earth Revealed: Introductory Geology  "Minerals: The Materials of Earth"  Covers the origins, classifications and uses of minerals.G

6:00 am 

6:30 am 

7:00 am 
Second Opinion  "Anxiety Disorder"  Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, but when it becomes an excessive, irrational dread of everyday situations, it has become a disabling disorder. Research is identifying new and improved medical and behavioral therapies that can help most people with anxiety disorders lead productive, fulfilling lives. D

7:30 am 
Essential Pepin  "Shell-Ebration"  Crab Cakes With Avocado Sauce; Oysters Madison; Mussels Poulette; Mussels Gratinee; Clam Fritters. D

8:00 am 
Lidia's Italy In America  "New York City and New Jersey: An Italian-American Picnic in NYC"  In this episode Lidia and Tanya embark on a whirlwind tour of New York City. Tanya takes viewers to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and Lidia brings viewers to Union Square Market, where she shops for the makings of an Italian-American picnic. Lidia prepares a delicious Fried Zucchini Prosciutto; a Scallion and Egg Sandwich; and a Celery, Artichoke, and Mortadella Salad. D

8:30 am 
Simply Ming  "Bryan Caswell & Filleting Fish"  Do you know what to do when your kid or a friend brings you a whole fish? Well, Ming is going to show you how to break down that tasty fresh filet the right way! And waiting in the wings joining Ming, is Houston's Chef Bryan Caswell. Working together with the surprise catch of the day, and ingredients from Ming's pantry, they create two delicious dishes on the fly: Tea-Smoked Trout with Thai Cucumber Tomato Salad and Crispy-Skin Snapper with Fennel & Swiss Chard Agro Dolce. D

9:00 am 
Mexico -- One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless  "From Lobster to Chocolate Clams: A Delicious Feast in Magdalena Bay"  Rick and local guide Luis Garduno of REDTours venture out on a skiff to learn about sustainable fishing on Magdalena Bay. They catch up with local lobster fishermen and learn about sizing lobsters. Then they watch as clam divers haul up the local chocolate clams from the bottom of the bay. D

9:30 am 
Sara's Weeknight Meals  "Gone Fishin' with David Pasternack"  Seafood expert David Pasternack, from New York's fish temple Esca, shows why he loves food with fins with three favorite recipes from his arsenal: Fettuccine with Rock Shrimp, Corn and Jalapeno; Grilled Mahi Mahi with Panella and Chickpeas and Salt-Baked Pesce per Due with Braised Greens. Cooking fish this way makes it easy and accessible. D

10:00 am 
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen  "Fried Chicken and Biscuits"  Chris and Bridget visit Princes in Nashville to try their famous Nashville Hot Chicken. They return to the kitchen determined to replicate the top-secret recipe. Then, Jack challenges Chris to a tasting of whole kosher dill pickles. D

10:30 am 
Joanne Weir's Cooking Confidence  "Flavor Fiesta"  It's a party when Joanne and her student Cheryl get together. Joanne adds a sweet crisp twist to classic guacamole, shows how to improve a store bought stock to elevate tortilla soup, and then the party really begins with muddled cherry margaritas Recipes: Sweet Pea Guacamole, Tortilla Soup with Pork Meatballs, Tortillas and Cheddar, and Fresh Cherry Margaritas. Student: Cheryl Kovelchik, Entertainment Marketing. D

11:00 am 
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated  "Chocolate Torte"  Host Christopher Kimball visits the Hotel Sacher Vienna to taste Sacher torte, and test cook Yvonne Ruperti shows him how to make foolproof Chocolate Torte at home. Next, tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Chris to a tasting of baking chocolate. And finally, gadget guru Lisa McManus uncovers the best nut choppers. D

11:30 am 
Scrapbook Soup   Christina Mauch is featured in the first segment teaching special techniques for creating paper dolls. Next, Kathy Kromer creates a whimsical photo collage using scrapbook paper and 3D embellishments. Then, Julianna Hudgins creates dimensional banners. D

12:00 pm 
Paint This with Jerry Yarnell  "Mama's Baby, Part 1"  (16x20 Acrylic) This session is about the painting of animals, specifically a cow. First, Jerry sets the background by putting in a non-descriptive dark background using loose and impressionistic strokes. The loose strokes continue as Jerry adds the light green grasses. D

12:30 pm 

1:00 pm 
This Old House  "Barrington Project, Part 2 of 10"  Host Kevin O'Connor arrives to find builder Andy Tiplady with the house wide open, his foundation in place and framing underway. The new open floor plan requires structural steel that gets bolted and then welded in place. With the steel installed and high winds already kicking up, Andy and his crew button up the house for the impending bad weather, which turns out to be Hurricane Irene. D

1:30 pm 
Ask This Old House  "Upgrading a Neglected Urban Patio; Hanging a Heavy Mirror"  Landscape contractor Roger Cook heads to San Francisco to upgrade a neglected urban patio. Then Roger, along with host Kevin O'Connor, general contractor Tom Silva and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, asks, "What is it?" Afterward, Tom shows Kevin how to hang a heavy mirror on a wall. D

2:00 pm 
American Woodshop  "Outdoor Keyed Deck Chairs"  These interlocking chairs are hard to find yet easy to make. D

2:30 pm 
Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac  "Octagonal Lazy Susan"  Not only is the octagonal shape beautiful to look at, but the inlaid veneer of birdseye maple and beeswing mahogany really make the piece magnificent.G

3:00 pm 
MotorWeek  "Mini Cooper Coupe"  Road Test: 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe. Road Test: 2012 Toyota Yaris. Goss' Garage: Used Car Inspection. D

3:30 pm 
America's Heartland   Farm researchers in Illinois use smart phones to battle world hunger. One California firm brings in a glowing white crop of.salt. D

4:00 pm 
NOVA  "Ice Age Death Trap"  In a race against developers in the Rockies, archaeologists uncover a unique site packed with astonishingly preserved bones of mammoths, mastodons and other giant extinct beasts, opening a vivid window on the vanished world of the Ice Age.G

5:00 pm 
Antiques Roadshow  "Eugene, OR - Hour Two"  Host Mark L. Walberg joins appraiser Jeffrey Schrader at the Willamette Heritage Center at the Mill, site of the former Thomas Kay Woolen Mill, to discuss the history and current values of World War I uniforms. Highlights include: a circa 1800 New England Chippendale chest-on-chest; an 1846 map of Western America; and an early 20th-century Russian presentation sword from the reign of Tsar Nicholas II, purchased by the owner for $500, and valued between $75,000 and $100,000. Part 2 of 3G

6:00 pm 
Antiques Roadshow UK  "Retrospective"  Host Fiona Bruce introduces a mix of some of the series' tastiest morsels. Then some new additions to the ROADSHOW's team of specialists talk about what it is like to join the gang.G

6:30 pm 
Rick Steves' Europe  "The Best of Slovenia"  In the little-visited and underrated alpine country, Rick begins in the capital city of Ljubljana, enjoys the mountain resort of Lake Bled, ventures into the Julian Alps, goes spelunking in a gigantic cave, and swims with Slavs in a charming Adriatic port.G

7:00 pm 
The Lawrence Welk Show  "The Italian Show"  Aladdin, the show's resident Italian, acts as host for much of the show. The Lennon Sisters boat down a Venice canal singing "Santa Lucia." Barbara and Bobby dance to "Tarantella." Joe Fenny sings "O Sole Mio."G

8:00 pm 
Are You Being Served?  "Hoorah for the Holidays"  Staff members are excited when the store management offers them a tour while the store is closed for redecorating.G

8:31 pm 
Keeping Up Appearances - The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket   Convinced Emmet is too overawed by her personality to invite her to join the cast of a musical, Hyacinth invites him to coffee and bursts into song.G

9:01 pm 
Last of the Summer Wine  "Will Stella Find True Love with Norris Fairburn?"  When a blast from a hunting horn he has just purchased from Auntie Wainwright brings an angry response from Stella, Hobbo is convinced that Stella needs a man. He sets out to find one for her in the village.G

9:32 pm 
Outnumbered   Mom's Auntie Angela comes to visit to show off the American therapist she has married. Dad is determined to avoid a major incident as they all go out for dinner.G

10:02 pm 
The Red Green Show  "No Duct Tape"  Everyone panics when the Lodge runs out of duct tape and the local hardware store is back-ordered. Red uses a frozen turkey as a toboggan return. Ranger Gord gets struck by lightning.G

10:30 pm 
Vicar of Dibley  "Arrival"  The Dibley Parish Council asks the bishop to provide them a new vicar following the death of their 90-something man, who had held the post for years. When the new vicar arrives, Parish Council Chairman David Horton finds their new man is a woman.G

11:00 pm 
Doctor Who Four  "The Poison Wall"  The Sontarans activate their master plan and begin to choke the whole of planet Earth. As interplanetary war edges closer, the Doctor has to fight to keep both Martha and Donna alive. Part 2 of 2G

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February 4, 2012
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