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March 9, 2013
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1:00 am 
Western Tradition  "The American Revolution"  The British colonists fight first for their rights as Englishmen and then for universal freedoms.G

1:30 am 
Western Tradition  "The American Republic"  The new republic demonstrates that a revolution can create a free, stable society.G

2:00 am 
Unfinished Nation  "Rivals and Friends"  Election of 1796, first contested presidential election, won by John Adams. His opponent, Thomas Jefferson becomes vice-president. Adam's difficult relationship with cabinet, congress, and Jefferson. Struggle with France on the high seas; the Alien and Sedition Acts set stage for election of 1800, won narrowly by Jefferson. Lame-duck Congress changes court structure; Adams appoints Federalists to new posts before he leaves office. Jefferson challenges appointments. Role of Chief Justice John Marshall and Marbury vs. Madison decision in strengthening Supreme Court.G

2:30 am 
Unfinished Nation  "Best Laid Plans"  Republican desire to minimize national government and encourage small town/agrarian lifestyles overtaken during Jefferson's presidency by economic vitality and growth of cities, beginnings of industrialization, the Louisiana Purchase, expansion to the west. Jefferson's embargo in response to Napoleonic Wars hurts economy of northeast. Election of James Madison in 1808; Jefferson lifts embargo as he leaves office. The War of 1812.G

3:00 am 
Unfinished Nation  "The 1920s ... Beyond The Glitter"  The culture of the 1920s. America's economy and the labor force. Prosperity and consumerism vs. abject poverty. Political and cultural conflict: immigration legislation and Prohibition. Harlem Renaissance, the Scopes trial. The three conservative Republican presidents of the era: Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover.G

3:30 am 
Unfinished Nation  "Hard Times"  Events leading to the stock market crash and Great Depression. How the Depression affects various population segments. Unemployment and relief efforts. Herbert Hoover's attempts to alleviate the Depression. Election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.G

4:00 am 
Inside Out  "The Learning Machine"  With neurons in the brain continually associating one event with another, it's no wonder neuroscientist Michael Merzenich describes what's in our head as "a learning machine." This lesson delves into the multiple ways humans and animals learn, with case studies on classical and operant conditioning, as well as Albert Bandura's work on pro-social observational learning.G

4:30 am 
Inside Out  "The Mind's Storehouse"  Is memory reliable? Why is it that we remember where we were on 9/11, but not the day before? These questions and others are tackled by leading memory researchers who discuss topics such as encoding, storage, and retrieval of memory. Demonstrations of short term memory are also presented and renowned researcher, Elizabeth Loftus, explains her role in debunking the phenomenon of repressed memories.G

5:00 am 
Earth Revealed: Introductory Geology  "The Birth of a Theory"  Traces origins of the ideas of continental drift and sea-floor spreading, and their contributions to the plate tectonics theory.G

5:30 am 
Earth Revealed: Introductory Geology  "Plate Dynamics"  Introduces theory and concepts about the movements of Earth's plates.G

6:00 am 
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly   None of the Above: Political Implications - We continue our three-part miniseries examining the rapid rise in the number of Americans-now 20 percent-who describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated. The majority of these "nones," as they are often called, are Democratic and politically liberal. Managing Editor Kim Lawton looks at how their growing numbers could affect elections and the role of religion in politics. D

6:30 am 

7:00 am 
Second Opinion  "Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)"  Irritable bowel syndrome is a common disorder affecting the large intestines, which often has life-altering effects. While the syndrome can be both physically and emotionally disruptive, good treatments are available. Hear about the options from the experts and about the challenges from Erin Slater, who was diagnosed with IBS when she was only 17. D

7:30 am 
Lidia's Italy In America  "Another Seafood Celebration"  Casino Clams, Mussels Triestina and Cioppino are delicious ways to enjoy seafood. Lidia takes viewers to Swann Oyster Depot for King Crab Legs and Eataly to explore the fish counter. Many Italians from the northwestern coastal region of Liguria settled in the San Francisco area, and it's not surprising that they brought their Cioppino with them. D

8:00 am 
America's Home Cooking: Dinner for Two   Host Christ Fennimore retrieves favorite recipes from 16 years of cooking shows. He resizes the dishes, most of them intended to feed six to eight people, to better fit the needs of today's smaller households. He also recruites some of his favorite cooks to come back to the kitchen to recreate smaller portions of such offerings as creamy butternut squash soup, zesty chicken cacciatore, cheesy manicotti, Greek-style chicken and rice casserole, and baked apples.G

10:00 am 
Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy   Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy is designed to address not only arthritis issues but all joints which have stiffened with age or become less mobile from injury or inactivity. D

11:00 am 
Super Brain with Dr. Rudy Tanzi (Expired)   SUPER BRAIN is a program exploring new discoveries in neuroscience that maximize the potential of the human brain in practical and actionable ways. The field of neuroscience has been exploding with new findings by the day. Ever since it became possible to view the human brain as it lights up with activity, researchers have had to change long-held assumptions about an organ that has been called "the three-pound universe. D

12:30 pm 
Suze Orman's Money Class   Based on her upcoming new book that will be released concurrently with the show premiere, Suze Orman's Money Class will reveal Suze's expert take on what actions people need to take in light of the new economy. After the upheavals of the economic downturn, Suze believes it's critical to rethink many of the traditional strategies we've been using to achieve our financial goals. In this special, she will unveil her own new and powerful advice, updating and sometimes revising her long-held beliefs, to help viewers navigate today's unsettling economic waters. D

2:25 pm 
The PianoGuys: Live at Red Butte Garden   Jon Schmidt on piano and Steven Sharp Nelson on cello bring the unique musical style they have honed in popular YouTube videos to the stage on the grounds of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Their classical spin on new music and new spin on classical music strikes a chord with their growing audience. There is an opportunity to pledge for tickets to a live performance in Boise.G

4:03 pm 
Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge: Amazing Encounters   The photographer introduces some of his favorite moments in the field, capturing wildlife, spectacular landscapes and fascinating people with his lens. This is a fast-paced look at some endearing, heart-stopping and fun moments. He tracks the last of the Bengal tigers in Nepal, marvels at snow monkeys in Japan, snuggles with baby seals on South Georgia Island, and snaps baby grey whales off Baja Mexico. The special also includes scenes from Alaska, the Sahara, India, West Africa, Mongolia, Bhutan and Ethiopia. Crew members also share behind-the-scenes moments.G

5:30 pm 
Andy Williams: Moon River and Me   The crooner contributes his personal memories of each song in this collection of musical performances drawn from his Emmy Award-winning television series that aired from 1962-1971.G

7:00 pm 
Lawrence Welk: Precious Memories   This program of spiritual hymns, inspirational songs and gospel medleys features stars from the Welk Musical Family including: Norma Zimmer, the Lennon Sisters, Jo Ann Castle, Ralna English, Guy Hovis, Mary Lou Metzger, Jack Imel, Tom Netherton, Ken Delo, Dick Dale, Gail Farrell, Bob Ralston and Joe Feeney. Special guests are Chris Feeney and Tim Padilla. The Welk Champagne Music Makers are under the direction of John B?hler.G

9:00 pm 
Carole King - James Taylor Live at the Troubadour   This 2007 performance celebrating the 50th anniversary of Los Angeles' Troubadour nightclub sparks the 2010 Troubadour Reunion Tour with the two musicians touring the nation together. Forty years before this concert in the same nightclub, Taylor urged King to emerge as an artist from behind her piano. They return to the intimate setting, and the familiar songs rekindle the pair's love of making music together. Songs include King's "So Far Away," "It's Too Late" and "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" and Taylor's "Carolina in My Mind," "Sweet Baby James" and "Fire and Rain."G

10:30 pm 
Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones Live   When The Rolling Stones arrived in Chicago on November 22, 1981, prior to their own concert nights, they paid a visit to Muddy Waters' club, the Checkerboard Lounge to see the legendary bluesman perform. Soon Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Ian Stewart joined Waters onstage, and later Buddy Guy and Lefty Dizz also played their part in this historic jam session.G

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March 9, 2013
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