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June 9, 2012
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2:30 am 
Official Best of Fest  "Friendship"  Our hosts, Rick Stevenson and Dr. Brandon Whitehead (aka the silent critic) take a green screen trip to Ireland of the award-winning short film TEETH, a film about friendship, fishing and dentures. The second award-winning film is CELAMY, a film about a little girl and what happens when she outgrows her imaginary friend. D

2:59 am 
Garrow's Law   In the late 18th century, young idealistic barrister William Garrow is given his first criminal defense case at the Old Bailey by attorney and mentor John Southouse. He defends Peter Pace, who is accused by renowned thief-taker Edward Forrester of robbing a man at gunpoint. The case is won by Garrow's nemesis Silvester, but Garrow's impressive performance in court catches the eye of Lady Sarah Hill.G

4:00 am 
Perilous Fight: America's World War Two In Color  "Infamy (1919-1942)"  This first episode takes viewers from the years leading up to the outbreak of World War II through Nazi invasion of Poland. Part 1 of 4G

5:00 am 
Designing Healthy Communities  "Retrofitting Suburbia"  In this first episode, physician Richard Jackson investigates the link between our nation's obesity and the Type 2 diabetes epidemic with urban sprawl fueled by car dependency. Part 1 of 4G

6:00 am 
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly   Catholic Bishops: What's at Stake? - The US Catholic bishops hold their semi-annual meeting next week in Atlanta. Their agenda includes a tenth anniversary assessment of guidelines to prevent clergy sex abuse and a new campaign to promote religious liberty. The meeting also comes amid new tensions between US nuns and the Church, and a swirling scandal at the Vatican over leaked documents. D

6:30 am 

7:00 am 
Second Opinion  "Autism"  As many as one out of every 110 children in the United States will be diagnosed with autism, yet many people are unaware of the full spectrum of autism disorders. Hear about the signs that can help with an early diagnosis and the treatments that can make a difference. D

7:30 am 
Essential Pepin  "Cozy Carbs"  Ricotta Dumplings With Red Pepper Sauce; Macaroni Beaucaire; Gnocchi Maison; Linguine With Clam Sauce And Vegetables. D

8:00 am 
Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen  "Rib Master"  In American barbecue, ribs rule, and woe to the grillmeister who doesn't understand the rules. Like never, ever boil. This is the rib crash course, appropriate for all skill levels, and a popular part of the curriculum at BBQ U. The Professor gives you a little background on bones before getting to the meat of the matter. D

8:30 am 
Simply Ming  "Chinese Tea & Mint"  Guest Chef: Susur Lee. Tea, who doesn't love it? But the tea of Asia combined with the fresh mint tea of the Middle East is a pair that is sure to please. If you've ever had a black tea flavored with mint, you know the two flavors harmonize really well. D

9:00 am 
Pati's Mexican Table  "Mexican Brunch"  A Mexican brunch is the perfect way to ease into the weekend. This episode will look at what a late breakfast/early lunch in Mexico might look like and what recipes you can prepare in your own home. Those will include: Rabo de Mestiza: Poached Eggs in a Tomato and Poblano Rajas Sauce; Refried Beans and Cheese Chimichangas; Garibaldis: Vanilla Pound Cakes with Lime-Apricot Glaze and Sprinkles. D

9:30 am 
New Scandinavian Cooking  "Costal Express"  Starting in the Sami territories of the Arctic, Andreas makes reindeer burgers with wild mushrooms, king crab cocktail and Arctic char with lamb-flavored potato gratin, all using produce he finds along the coast. D

10:00 am 
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen  "Breakfast Show Stoppers"  Bridget Lancaster updates a lost recipe and shows host Christopher Kimball how to make Monkey Bread. then, equipment expert Adam Reid reviews toasters, and tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Chris to a tasting of decaf coffee. Finally, Julia Collin Davison uncovers the secrets to making a Dutch Baby at home. D

10:30 am 
Joanne Weir's Cooking Confidence  "I'm Inspired"  Joanne is often asked where her inspirations come from and begins by composing an inspired salad with roasted beets, and then gives her student Charlie some pointers for making honey glazed pork chops and a roasted squash puree. Recipes: Bibb Lettuce Salad with Roasted Beet, Grapefruit and Pecans, Honey Glazed Pork Chops with Orange and Cardamom, and a Roasted Squash and Ginger Puree. Student: Charlie Baldwin, City Gardener. D

11:00 am 
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated  "Time to Grill"  Test cook Bridget Lancaster shows host Christopher Kimball how to make the ultimate Grilled Bone-In Pork Roast. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for whole fish baskets in the Equipment Corner. Next, gadget guru Lisa McManus reveals her favorite summertime kitchen gadgets. D

11:30 am 
Scrapbook Memories  "Home Dec Accents"  There are a few key trends changing the face of scrapbooking. The first is the introduction of all different mixed media components like paint and glitter. The second is using scrapbook supplies for other paper crafts like banners, cards and today's theme which is home dec. D

12:00 pm 
Paint This with Jerry Yarnell  "First Love, Part 3"  In this final session, Jerry starts by sketching the figures on the road and using a No. 4 round and flat brush to block in the shapes and then highlight to create roundness by using the quick and decisive one-stroke method. Light purple flowers are added in the foreground as well as red flowers, to add complimentary colors to the painting. D

12:30 pm 

1:00 pm 
This Old House  "Bedford Project, Part 10 of 16"  Master carpenter Norm Abram and general contractor Tom Silva rebuild the front door surround to eliminate rot and also to create a more attractive and historically accurate entranceway. Certified arborist Matt Foti inspects the ailing American beech tree, and finding die back and root compaction, prescribes deep root injections that will both amend and aerate the soil. Host Kevin O'Connor meets nurse-turned-general contractor Monica MacKenzie at an antique home she recently renovated in Hingham, Massachusetts. D

1:30 pm 
Ask This Old House  "Finishing a Backyard Pizza Oven; Working with Threaded Pipe Connections"  General contractor Tom Silva travels to Philadelphia to help a homeowner put the finishing touch on a backyard pizza oven. Then Tom, along with host Kevin O'Connor, landscape contractor Roger Cook and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, asks, "What Is It?" Afterward, Richard shows Kevin how to apply teflon tape, pipe dope and wicking to threaded pipe connections. D

2:00 pm 
American Woodshop  "Two Drawer Utility Chest"  Walnut and figured hard maple combine to make this Shaker masterpiece shine. Suzy shows how dovetails should be cut to be perfect. Turned Shaker style pulls are the custom touch that brings all the design details together!. D

2:30 pm 
Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac  "Turned Floor Lamp"  This time, on Rough Cut, Tommy demonstrates the turning technique by using a lathe and shows how to turn cove and bead shapes into a Tall Floor Lamp. He heads to New London, New Hampshire, on a Rough Cut Road Trip, to visit the studio of artist Peter Bloch, who turns lamp shades out of Aspen logs. Back in the studio, Tommy is joined by his friend and fellow woodworker, Al D'Attanasio. D

3:00 pm 
MotorWeek  "Ford Escape"  Road Test: 2013 Ford Escape. Road Test: 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe. Goss' Garage: Spare Fuel. D

3:30 pm 
America's Heartland   Illinois farmers combine cattle raising with high tech aeronautics. Your favorite wine may come from a vineyard where owls help protect the crops. Michigan farmers undertake an aggressive plan to protect the environment. D

4:00 pm 
NOVA  "Doctors' Diaries - Part 1"  NOVA checks in with the seven doctors the series has followed since their first day at Harvard Medical School in 1987. They first gather on the steps of the school 17 years after graduation. All but one is practicing medicine, each choosing a different path. Part 1 of 2G

5:00 pm 
Antiques Roadshow  "Philadelphia, Pa - Hour 1"  Returning to the site of the 1996 premiere show, experts offer their opinions on treasures that include a Pennsylvania spice cupboard used to collect bird egg specimens. An early 20th-century-nicotine stained oil painting by Pennsylvania impressionist George Sotter, brought up from a basement, is valued up to $180,000. Part 1 of 3G

6:00 pm 
Antiques Roadshow UK  "Australia Special"  In this program of unscreened sequences filmed the previous year on a trip to Sydney and Melbourne, experts uncover a squatters tool chest used by early migrants, some bizarre mementos from the Beatles' only visit to Australia, and a rare portrait of an important participant in the Boston Tea Party.G

6:30 pm 
Rick Steves' Europe  "The Czech Republic Off The Beaten Path"  Rick begins with a whirlwind round of Art Nouveau, local pub music, stinky cheese-tasting, river-rafting and peat-bathing in places like Olomouc, Moravsky Krumlov, Trebon and Konopiste.G

7:00 pm 
The Lawrence Welk Show  "Famous Resorts"  The cast says "Let's Get Away From It All." Anacani is "In Acapulco." Gail and Mary Lou are "On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City." Tanya sings of "Old Cape Cod." Norma Zimmer and Jim Roberts seek "Springtime in the Rockies."G

8:00 pm 
Are You Being Served?  "Mrs. Slocombe Expects"  The head of ladies' fashions faces a family crisis.G

8:30 pm 
Keeping Up Appearances - The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket   Onslow's birthday celebrations may only come around once a year, but that is far too often for Hyacinth.G

9:00 pm 
As Time Goes By  "Relationships"  Relations remain frosty between Lionel and Jean. Alistair, Lionel's agent, is keen on Jean and she responds.G

9:30 pm 
Outnumbered   The 5-year-old involves her parents in endless negotiations about what she will condescend to eat. Ben, age 7, further develops his talent for lying. Dad strays into a job-threatening controversy at school. Mum is starting a turf war with her sister.G

10:00 pm 
The Red Green Show  "Foster Child"  Red learns the Lodge has a foster child who is coming to spend the weekend with him. Red builds a revolving restaurant out of a dining tent.G

10:30 pm 
Vicar of Dibley 1997 Christmas Special  "Engagement"  Geraldine turns cupid as she attempts to bring together the desperately shy Alice and the even more desperately shy Hugo.G

11:10 pm 
Doctor Who Series  "Vincent and the Doctor"  The TARDIS heads back through time where terror lurks in the cornfields of Provence and only a sad and lonely painter can see it. The Doctor and Amy join forces with Van Gogh to try to defeat a powerful and deadly alien.G

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June 9, 2012
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